My Elemental Girlfriend – Spice up your boring life

[Game] My Elemental Girlfriend – Anime Dating Sim

My Elemental Girlfriend  Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!


Life’s never easy being the underdog at school. You’ve learned to cope, but on the way home from school one day, it looks like a reckless driver speeding towards you is about to bring it all to an end! When you open your eyes, you find… Three cute spirit girls?! Each one of them represents an element and apparently they’ve been forced out of their world until they can collect special stones which they need YOUR help for!

You agree to this thinking it must all be a dream… But then you wake up, all three of them are there! Will spirits of fire, water and earth help to spice up your boring life, or are you about to experience the biggest roller coaster ride of your life?!

Find out in My Elemental Girlfriend!


Laman the Fire Spirit

Energetic and always enthusiastic, this fire spirit has a tendency to act before she thinks. She’s been labeled a drop out because she can’t control her massive powers and she feels a sense of inferiority because of this. Will you be the one to help her realize her potential?

Udie the Water Spirit

Though she can be a little callous at times, Udie is a caring spirit at heart that has trouble expressing her true feelings. She seems fully competent, but she holds a secret as to why she is with the other two dropouts. Will you be able to discover the secrets of her heart?

Canon the Earth Spirit

Canon is meek and reserved but has a heart of gold. She’s always had trouble controlling her powers and Udie has acted like a big sister to her. She wants desperately to overcome her weaknesses, but will you be able to help her do so?

My Elemental Girlfriend user reviews :

The last ending skipped a heart beat of mine. This game was grate. Though the controls and the diamonds were hard to get. But all was worth it.

It good but they could make a part 2 where they continue to collect more orbs to go back to their world that would very exciting

Starts off very dark and depressing with an MC that just wasn’t enjoyable to read. It gets better eventually and the LIs are really good though so it’s okay overall.

Its a very nice game even though at the beginning after reading My reaper girlfriend, i found it quite boring but eventually i loved it. Thats a great game

Really nice storyline id say, the characters and artwork looks marvelous and proudly precious to a pretty artist like you devs

This game is awesome I have no problems with it but I would really like a part 2. This is one of the best games from you guys. I highly recomend it

It was a lot of fun and I even went ahead and played through it 3 times for the obvious reason. Won’t complain about the ticket or premium choice payment system. That is simply how genius is making income and that is understandable. My only woe with this one in particular is the number of choices total. Felt like it was just a lot of clicking through story with fewer options than some of their older games I played, wherever those disappeared to. But overall, great!

Okay, so I’m not saying the game is bad. It’s a good game, and I can agree with the positive reviews. But, one flaw is that I’m not sure how to get rubies without spending my money. I don’t like having a premium choice pop up and not having the rubies because I used them all. We only start with enough rubies for ONE premium choice. Most people won’t know this until they get deep in the game, when they’ve already used the rubies they started with. I think you should add a free way to get rubies.

I chose canon in the end & I really enjoy the ending so peaceful..really good game..

This game was really good and I love the music too. I love the aspects of the of the characters personalities. Also, thanks genius inc. for not having the special scenes in premium choices, it was great to see them all and experience them. Those moments are always really special to those who play. I wonder what the next game will be like, I know it’s gonna be good. We all do.

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