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My Friend Pedro  They kidnapped his wife and kids and left him for dead.

But it’s going to take more than that to split this banana’s family. Help your friend Pedro serve some ice cold revenge, with a sprinkle of bullets on top!

My Friend Pedro is back in a brand new mobile adventure of blood, bullets and bananas! Flip and fire your way through 37 action packed levels on foot, on a motorcycle and even on a skateboard. Plan your high caliber choreography for the best scores and, if your skin is tough enough, test your skills in Blood Rush mode.

This banana is Ripe for Revenge. Are you?

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My Friend Pedro user reviews :

Game is great, except the fact that you have to pay for premium if you wanna continue after death. This is a big problem cause you only get 3 lives, and once you run out of them, you have to RESTART the whole game. You could be 1 inch from finishing the last level with 1 life left, die, and because you don’t have premium, BOOM, hours of time wasted.

Presentation and gameplay are excellent, but it’s such a brief experience. It’s almost surprising that the game can be completed in about 30 minutes considering the amount of features that are quickly and quietly introduced and barely utilized before you simply run out of levels to play. I feel as though there’s very little risk of a mobile game “overstaying its welcome,” considering this is a platform meant for short bites of play. I would have been much more satisfied if the developers had chosen to stretch the game out a bit and give players a chance to appreciate some of the concepts that only have a level or two in which to feature.

It’s a great game but the payment model is ridiculous, as you are forced to start the entire game over from the beginning if you die unless you pay for premium, and when you lose lives there is no way to regain them. You don’t need this to make money. There are plenty of mobile games (ninja arashi, for instance) that do not do this and seem to be getting along just fine. Change the damn payment model!

Look, it’s an acquired taste for a game. You gotta buy the checkpoints, which is a small hindrance to me. But that’s the charm. The level doesn’t auto generate, meaning it’s the same thing from the beginning, meaning you can PRACTICE. Again and again, you do this repetitively, until you memorize where every enemies are and where you have to go til a point where you will just blaze through everything. It’s fun and fulfilling all and all, and it’s a great game if you know how to go through it.

Fun game, brilliant art style and great quality. Yes there is a pay wall to unlocking checkpoints, but I don’t understand why people have a problem with this. It’s little over £2. You do realise it’s people who make these games? People who need to earn a living! People want inclusivity and for independent creators to be supported, but don’t want to spend the price of a cheap coffee on supporting them. Ridiculous! Fantastic game, keep up the good work

I first played this on Kong. Their adaptation of controls for the mobile game is good, very intuitive. It’s smooth and you can tell it’s well-made. Story line is an improvement over the previous (drugged up hitman who ate pedro then fights a flying giant head). I can say that the Premium is worth it and I’d like to purchase it when I can afford it. A few minor adjustments could be made for the enemies’ reaction time. Like the first, I try to playthrough all the stages once. So far I reached 23.

Really fun. I was captivated by the art style so much that I ended up paying for premium pretty much right after the first level. I completed the game and it’s achievements in one sitting. I really enjoyed the 3 bike sequences too although they should have had more variety. I must say, it did get repetitive after a while and I also wish there was an implementation of a double jump later on in the game. 5 stars nonetheless

Loads of fun! Well worth the few bucks. Devs need to eat too and it is a totally fair price. The controls are simple enough, the music is catchy and doesn’t get annoying and that goes for the humor too. Don’t listen to those who complain about the pay wall. They are out of their minds. This is easily a premium game for android that doesn’t get old. There’s a simple but tough to master element which keeps the gameplay from getting dull. Get this game and sacrifice the cost of a cheap cup of joe.

This game is a mobile masterpiece. Yes, you will need to buy the full version to truly enjoy it. The gameplay is great, and truly plays well as a cartoonish remake of the PC game, it’s well optimized for mobile. The controls on the other hand, can be difficult to use, between drag jumping and rolling, it’s often hard to be precise with movements. All in all, I’ve enjoyed this, and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good bulletime platformer.

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