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[Game] My Little Aquarium

My Little Aquarium   My Little Aquarium is a one-of a kind puzzle game!

Welcome to My Little Aquarium!

Is this your first time here? Experience an aquarium like never before!
Solve puzzles with cute fish and decorate an aquarium of your own!

Decorate an aquarium for your adorable fish while playing 14 kinds of puzzles. Feed, play, and watch new fish families form. Come on in, have fun in the aquarium with your cute fish friends!

My Little Aquarium features
You can make your own unique aquarium using various fish and decor while solving puzzles!
14 various puzzles are waiting for you!
Play with cute fish families!
Free to play!
Can be played offline!

My Little Aquarium is a free to play puzzle game.
My Little Aquarium supports mobile phones and tablets.
My Little Aquarium contains advertisements (banner, full screen, and video ads).
My Little Aquarium contains in-app purchases.

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App Permissions Info
In order to provide the following services, we are requesting certain permissions.

This permissions enables smooth playback of some advertising channels for smartphone users under Android OS version 4.4.

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My Little Aquarium user reviews :

The puzzles are relaxing and aren’t too hard but hard enough for you to get thinking. Along with that, the game itself will have me zenned out. My only complaint are the ads, but I understand that games like these need all they can get to stay in the store.
  • PivotGames. Inc.
  • Thank you very much for your valuable review. Also, thank you for your understanding. Have a nice day!
Can you get rid of the little chair, umbrella, surfboard and ball that is in each place, it clashes with the decor.
  • PivotGames. Inc.
  • Thank you for your valuable review. You have said something sensible. We will consider what you have said. Thank you. Have a nice day!

Fun game that gives you interesting puzzles to choose between

Hi I had this game a while ago and it was really good but I’ve downloaded again but when I try to play it it kicks me back out and I’ve uninstalled it a bunch of times and it wont let me back on it I just need help cause this game was so good but now I cant play it anymore
  • PivotGames. Inc.
  • Thank you for your inquiry. Enter the application menu in Android settings. Find and touch My Little Aquarium. Enter the storage menu. Touch Clear data. Now delete the application and reinstall it. If the problem is not resolved, please answer again.
Very nice app. The ads are not too obtrusive. There are other features in the app that show that they really put a lot of thought into this! However, the “do X number of this puzzle to unlock the next type of puzzle” is confusing. Also, we need Charm points (stars) to get new themes but it doesn’t tell us how many Charm points we need to unlock the next theme. Still, overall an app that I’m glad to have found. Edit: I’m level 9, when do I get the 3rd and 4th theme?
  • PivotGames. Inc.
  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. If you want to know how many Charm points, please tap the Charm points gauge at the top right of the aquarium scene. Then you can see how many Charm points you need to get. And we will consider the conditions of the puzzle unlock. Have a nice day!
Beautiful game and puzzles are great. I reached level three but no theme yet…which I am looking forward because level 2 theme is so lovely. Thoughtful additions like being able to make bubbles in the aquarium with your finger touch is fun and I enjoy ‘feeding’ my fishes. The ads are not obtrusive (I’m using the free version) and I like the option to watch an ad to get more coins. I’m glad they have tasteful hints so I could figure out what puzzles to complete to get the fish I like.
  • PivotGames. Inc.
  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will do our best to make the game more challenging and more fun. Have a nice day!
Suggestions: If you haven’t unlocked something in the shop, if you click on it, it should take you to the corresponding game; Work on the functionality of the line connect game; Prize tiers on higher completion of levels; Endless aquarium edges, and a greater depth of field; a dark mode; double tapping on theme, should take you to that theme; PLEASE DARKEN THE LINES IN THE SECOND TO LAST PUZZLE GAMES!! to be cont.
  • PivotGames. Inc.
  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will consider adding your opinions to reflect them as much as possible. We will do our best to make the game more challenging and more fun. Have a nice day!
I really like the game. It’s really cute. BUT I think the puzzles page is misleading. It makes me think that certain puzzles are supposed to be locked until you beat a certain number of a type of puzzle. But I can click on them and play any of the puzzles from the beginning. And then the conditions that you’re supposed to fulfill make me think ‘oh I have to beat 5 of this puzzle to unlock it’ but actually I have to beat 5 MORE of that puzzle; it’s a countdown. Ran out of text. Hope this helps!
  • PivotGames. Inc.
  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. In order to unlock the new puzzle, the number of beat particular puzzle is checked, not the number of beat all puzzles. We will reflect the puzzle unlock explanation you mentioned. We will do our best to make the game more challenging and more fun. Have a nice day!

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