My Magical Girlfriends – Stepping into a world of magic

[Game] My Magical Girlfriends

My Magical Girlfriends  Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

You have the strange power to see the auras of others. One day, on your way to university, you come across a girl who exudes a mysterious rainbow-colored aura. You decide to follow her, only to discover that she is actually a… magical girl?! The girl introduces herself as Elise, and now that you’ve uncovered her secret, you won’t be able to go for free. You wind up helping her with her homework for her magic school, together with her two familiars. But stepping into a world of magic isn’t all fun in games, as you soon find yourself caught up in a battle between Elise and her not-so-friendly rival…


Elise is a perfectionist that tries to take care of everything by herself. She might seem harsh at first, with her favorite word to shout at you being, “idiot”! But under her sharp exterior, she’s just a girl who wants to do the best in everything that she can. As you grow closer to Elise, you feel a strange sense of deja vu. Could you have met her somewhere in the past…?

She might look like just an ordinary rabbit, but Effie used to be a stuffed animal! Treated badly by her previous owner, Elise found Effie thrown away and saved her with magic, turning Effie into her familiar. As a result, Effie has a deep distrust for humans and is constantly on edge. Will you be able to open her heart?

Bearing the appearance of a mouse, Charlotte is Elise’s familiar with a lighthearted personality. In contrast to Elise’s seriousness and Effie’s timidness, Charlotte has the power to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. She is quick to warm up to people, including you, of course!

My Magical Girlfriends user reviews :

please! please! make it easier to earn gems! I love the characters and story so much and the choices are really good but it’s so hard to do the choices I want because most of them cost gems so please make it easier to make Gems or add a new mini game also I am not able to earn points by playing the games

This game was pretty good you don’t need to do the special opinions to have a good story with the girl you like in the game. If only you could get gems easier. Other then that this game was probably the best out if all the games this company makes. Keep making games like these they pretty nice!!

I give 5 star for this dating simulator because i addicted this game… but please make easier to get some episode tickets..and easy to get rubies please…I think the DEVELOPER doesn’t notice our ratings.but the story can end even no premuim choices

The story lines are really great. The arts are also perfectly drawn. Thank you for making this story,I’ve never had such fun. 5 stars for you.

Absolutly positivly delightful! I love it! But there is just some things. One: at the end where were effie and charlotte two: what happened in the other world after she perminently left three. Why were the chapters so short? But overall, what a great one, keep up the good work! EDIT: The second time round and its as good as the first

I love it and it good but I don’t want to pay for a free game not many ads no subscription but you still have to pay to play more

Its really fun but I really had it when you have to pay or get form the spinning machine it takes so long can you try and make some other games so the choices are for free thank for understanding

It is a truly wonderful story, I feel very accomplished for finishing this game and the amount of things to look to into the game is great, the characters, graphics and they look more loli… too, it’s very lovely

This game is so cool i give it five stars and you can make your own choice and premium choices i hope you make more of this games

I would rate 5 full stars if the developers could add a main menu and a daily reward to this simulator, because I know how it feels to be addicted to a dating sinulator with our own choices. But without enough game-money to continue or make it better, it just seems like playing a game without levels… So if I get a response from the developers with a positive reply, saying that they will make it better, I would appreaciate it. Thank you.

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