My Ninja Destiny – Fight alongside these legendary ninja

[Game] My Ninja Destiny

My Ninja Destiny  Synopsis

After receiving an invitation from your estranged father, you find yourself returning to your childhood home in the mountains. There you uncover the secrets of your past and learn you are the daughter of the once great Tokugawa, who has recently passed, leaving you to take over as ruler of the three hidden ninja villages. Becoming a ninja princess won’t be easy however, as it requires you to marry one of the greatest ninja of all time, along with mastering the secret ninjutsu techniques written in your late father’s diary.

These ninja are fierce competitors and will do whatever it takes to get their hands on your father’s diary, including marry you. But their plans get cut short when their villages are suddenly attacked by Banished ninja. They’ll need to work together to save everyone… Will you fight alongside these legendary ninja to protect their villages? Can passion arise in the heat of battle?

Make your own history in My Ninja Destiny!


Fuma Kotaro – the Oni Ninja
This legendary, hotheaded ninja is well known for his fire ninjutsu. Although he is one of the most skilled ninja around, he’s looked down upon by his village due to the cursed oni blood running through his veins. Determined to prove himself as a great ninja, Kotaro is even willing to marry you if it means he can get his hands on your father’s diary and the secret ninjitsu techniques documented within. Can you help him see that he is more than the cursed blood inside him?

Hattori Hanzo – The Skilled Swordsman
The cool and composed ninja whose family is devoted to serving the Tokugawa. This skilled swordsman stands in the shadow of his infamous father, Hattori Hanzo. He cares deeply about his family’s honor and is willing to marry you to please his father; however, he soon comes to question his personal happiness. Can you help Hanzo find his own path in life where he can shine on his own?

Ishikawa Goemon – The Charming Thief
A flirty ninja with a bit of a Robin Hood complex. Though he dresses the most lavishly, he hails from the poorest village, and he thinks evoking your childhood friendship to sweet-talk you into marrying him is the key to your family’s fortune and rebuilding his village. Will you teach him that stealing is not always the answer? Will you help him rebuild his village before the Banished ninja completely destroy it?

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My Ninja Destiny user reviews :

I might’ve said I like other games of yours but this one is THE BEST from all. I really love the ninja and samurai concept stories as it represents Japan extremely well. I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I started playing games from your production. I literally am in love Expecting more stuff like this one. Not to mention, I’d definitely like a Season 2

I love it!! The story lines are always so interesting! I have one suggestion though. Could you make the character we’re playing as stronger? What I mean is I think it would be very cool to have a fight scene with our character or just help out more and not just be like a regular, unexperienced person in the war.

This story could have been better if the female lead was not being a “damsel in distress”. She had the same personnality until the end. She should have been less fragile. Everything was not bad of course. The males characters were well drawn. I appreciated that there were more illustrated effects.

I really love this and i knew that who my decision would be. At the end kotaro but the reason i gave it a four instead of. A five is bcs u need to wait 2 hours before getting more tickets and once you use your gems for a choice u cant get more gems thru out the story and that rlly bugs me so maybe for futer games make sure you can get more gems overall everything else was good hope this review helps others

This is quite surprising. The plot, the art, and the characters are good. The antagonist characters frustrated me so much ngl, it’s a good sign because I’m into the story. The brother plot was expected but it’s still good. The mc though, she’s quite smart but weak, which annoys me sometimes.

It’s a good game l Iike how you guys were able to give us a good ancient Japan experience. I also love the art of the all Characters, including the love interests all three of handsome. I love Hanzo out of all three Ninjas. He’s handsome and his personality. And I’ve heard a lot of you saying the MC you don’t like, well I don’t like fact she has no fighting experience not even a little, and I don’t like how she depends on the men to save her all the timeshe also not brave. But she’s new to this.

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