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My Notepad E-notty  So, what is this small but flexible Notepad?

E-notty is a Notepad and notes with a password and folders You can set a password to log in to Notepad or to separate folders. This feature is available in the free version of the app and is useful for those who will keep a personal diary in style in style of Zettelkasten.

E-notty is a Notepad with subfolders just like in normal file Explorer, you will be able to create folders within folders. The number of suitable situations is very large! The “recipes” folder, which will contain the “diet”, “porridge”, “salads” folders, etc. Or the health folder, where you can make folders “doctors”, “medicines” and so on. Everything is limited only by imagination!

E-notty is notes with voice input But E-notty is a special Notepad with voice input! Its convenience is that voice input is not interrupted as in other notebooks at the first pause. It will listen to You until You decide to stop dictating the text! Notes with voice input can also be created with a couple of clicks from the desktop using the widget

E-notty – these are desktop notes You can use widgets to pin your notes to your desktop or add the ability to create new ones in 1 click.

E-notty – notes with reminders блок Notepad with reminders allows you to organize your business thanks to a flexible system in which you can set reminders of a wide variety of types – from a signal for each hour, to your own interval for the shift schedule!

E-notty is a Notepad for notes with different content In addition to the text, you can attach a variety of add-ons to the record. Attach images, audio recordings, links to geotags, and other notes. From a personal playlist to a gallery with memories, a Notepad for notes turns into a personal diary with a variety of add-ons.

E-notty is a Notepad without ads The author of the application does not share the widespread content of advertising applications and believes that programming is beautiful and beautiful! Create in Notepad, memo no ads, nothing should distract from the experience.

Here is a short list of things that can please you with my little notebook. Notepad also has a variety of themes, icons, and colors.

Create lists, write notes, keep a personal diary, create notes with voice input, E-notty will be the Notepad you want!

If you like E-notty, I will be very grateful if you can find a minute to review it. I read everything You write and listen to many interesting suggestions! Together, we can make E-notty a really convenient people’s Notepad!

Looking for a free Notepad to create notes and lists?
Do you want to create notes and sort them by folder?
Looking for a Notepad where you can create notes with voice input?
Do you want to take notes and attach photos and audio recordings to them?

E-notty Notepad is a free Notepad with no ads.

Notes can be pinned to favorites, the most important thing will always be at the very top of the Notepad!
No matter how you sort your notes, your favorites will always be at the top of the list. You can add notes to your favorites by long-clicking on them.

The ease of use of Notepad allows you to create notes in one touch.
In Notepad settings, you can enable a permanent notification that allows you to create notes in one click without opening Notepad.

Sort notes.
Sorting notes allows you to display them in Notepad the way you want. Notes can be sorted alphabetically, by the time the note was created, or by the time the note was last edited.

At first glance, the Notepad E-notty seems to be just another tool for creating notes. You will feel the magic of flexibility and convenience when you create your firstnotes and start putting them in folders. Depending on the structure created, for one person this notebook will become a personaldiary , for another it will turn into an organizer, and for the third person it will be like a reminder app.

My Notepad E-notty user reviews :

This is my first review anywhere, for anything, ever. Once someone told me, “There’s too few compliments in this world,” leading me to blurt out positive things IRL at random. I suppose it matters here as much as anywhere, so know that I love this app already. I love the lack of ads, the straightforwardness, the theme and organization, and how, with no experience on my part, very intuitive this app is to use in every way I needed it to be. (Using to create and manage spoken notes/lists)
  • Max Wayne
  • Hello, dear Zoe! Thank you so much for your attention to E-notty and for your feedback. I wish you a pleasant use! If you have any questions or suggestions while using the app, you can always contact me by email

Great app! It would be good to give users more options by enabling them to change: font style/size, text to italics, text colour, as well as enable users to underline, embolden, and highlight text for users with sight impairments. Also I would like to see bullet points/numbers and a different notepaper background would be awesome too eg lined paper, graph paper, music paper, colour palette to change page colour. Hope to see some development soon.

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