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[Game] My Oasis – Relaxing Sanctuary

My Oasis  Why do you need a Stress Relief or Anxiety Relief Game?

Nowadays, relaxation is very much hard to find because we have too much little time to spend in the relaxation of our soul to heal.

So, My Oasis: Calming, Relaxing & Anxiety Relief Game is a calming game, relaxing game which is developed for relaxing your mind. Without wasting time on gameplay and stressful content, it provides a zen environment and calming atmosphere specially built for stressed people for their stress relief.

Find anxiety relief in our relaxing games, satisfying games. Download ‘My Oasis: Calming, Relaxing & Anxiety Relief Game’ now and release your stress in seconds by tapping the screen!

Quick Review of this Grow Game & Calm Game Features:

My Oasis: healing game helps you in anxiety relief, relaxing & calming your mind. It is an idle clicker and tapping game, there are no intense controls, just easy gameplay, and a relaxing environment.
Realistic brain exercise, relaxation and satisfaction to sleep peacefully
Different mind freshness activities in this anti anxiety satisfying games
High quality relaxing sounds to release stress and leave you anti stress mind
Realistic experience of release stress in seconds with this Stress relief game, chill game
Smooth controls to play this meditation game that helps you in relaxation.
Peaceful sounds and calming music that helps you remove your stress and calm your mind

How ‘My Oasis: Anxiety Relief Game helps in Stress Relief’ and how it works?
In this game play you will collect hearts to collect various animals such as fox, deer, elephant, giraffe, penguin, and whale and complete the oasis.

Peaceful sounds and calming music help bring you to a zen state in My Oasis: Anti Anxiety Relaxing Games

There is an island builder that lets your Oasis gradually expand when you interact with the surrounding life in a relaxing and calming atmosphere. This simple tapper gameplay is designed for Relaxation to calm your mind within seconds. It works like an anti anxiety games, relaxing games, satisfying games or calm games.

Island Builder
The Island Builder is the main feature of this calm game that helps you forget all the stress
The island will expand and create new life such as trees, flowers, and animals
Your island is the virtual zen garden that you would build through Island Builder
Build your island now in the Island Builder and adjust it with musical chords

Tapping Game (Tapping helps in relaxation)
Easy Tapping Game that helps you in relieving your stress
Tap the screen to upgrade your oasis with this easy UI of Tapping Game and calm yourself
Tapping Game or clicker game controls let you do everything by tapping the screen
Tapping game continues without any need to do anything in satisfying games

Relaxation Game (Calming game, Anti Anxiety Game)
Through the calming sounds, calm interface this anxiety relief game helps you in relaxation
Soothing idle gameplay lets stress fade away and calm your mind by playing this game
Relaxing music that calms your mind after a long day of stress
Calming visuals to help you find peace of mind and helps you relax your mind, calm your mind
Sleep more peacefully after relaxing in satisfying games

Calming Sounds
Relaxing Sounds in this relaxation game helps you enter the world of peace
Play relaxing melodies by interacting with the environment of this relaxing game & satisfying games
Calming music chords can control the weather and time
Soothing music to help you sleep, relax your mind, satisfy your soul, calm yourself

Calm your mind, release your stress, relieve your anxiety and find relaxation at the end of every day by visiting ‘My Oasis: calming, relaxing & anxiety relief game’

Download Endless Anti Stress, Anxiety Relief Game (Relaxing Games, Chill Game, Calming Games) for FREE and start satisfying games.

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My Oasis user reviews :

It does what it says on the package. It is a very relaxing game, genuinely. I very much enjoy the different song and the blocky graphics. Would recommend

Lovely for relaxing and clearing your mind if you find you are feeling stressed or anxious

Basically, it’s a really great game. It’s like Clicker Heroes but it reduces anxiety

Its so peace full i have a anger problem and this helps so much thank you so much for this game creator’s

This is peacefully and calms down my stress and anxiety

It is really relaxing and I everything love about it

It really does help with my anxiety, as it suggests. I love the graphics the music (and it’s variety), the characters and the animals you can add. I’ve only started playing it and already km I’m love. Can’t wait to level up and unlock as many elements as I can.

This game is so amazing and beautiful. It really helps people with low self-esteem, like me, with all the compliments. It is truly wonderful, and I love it. The animals are so cute, the game itself is so calming, and it’s a simple game. I wouldn’t call it exactly fun, since it’s a tapping game, but it has another aspect about it that makes it so addicting and beautiful. 10/10, DEFINITELY recommend.

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