My Spy Romance – What does your future hold

[Game] My Spy Romance – Romance You Choose

My Spy RomanceMy Spy Romance : You become involved with deadly organizations set on obtaining a single key…

Will you be able to save the world?

What does your future hold with this group of handsome men?

A suspenseful love story full of thrills awaits!

To celebrate your college graduation, you have gone on an overseas vacation with your friend Lenna. During your vacation, you are asked to keep watch over a mysterious key.
On one fateful day, you and Lenna find yourselves kidnapped.
When you wake up, a group of handsome but unfamiliar men stand before you.
The men order you to hand over the key… why is the key so important and what kind of trouble has it gotten you into?!

Arrogant InvestigatorGale
An FBI investigator with an ailing younger sister.
He believes that sacrifices must be made in order to protect the world.
“The sacrifice of a few is beneficial for the greater good” are the words he lives by.

Submissive Organization HeirClyde
The son of Ezekiel, the organization’s boss.
He questions the ideals of the organization, but even though he does not agree with his father, he does not have the power or the strength to voice his opinions.
He is eager to please and often begrudgingly compares himself to his father who is very charismatic.

Apathetic Warden Asher
Like the protagonist, he has led a life of hardships, eventually leading him to join the organization with the hopes of bringing about destruction. Although he appears cool and collected at first glance, he holds a deep distrust for people.
Abused as a chid, he grew up resenting everyone around him. A woman at the orphanage that took him in was kind to him and he grew to see her as his only confidant.

One day the orphanage was robbed and the same woman was caught up in crossfire between the perpetrator and the police. Due to the events at the orphanage, his hatred grew even stronger and he vowed to destroy the world and everybody within it.

My Spy Romance user reviews :

I am IN LOVE with the protagonist. She isnt helpless in the LEAST. Despite this, you can tell she is a girl still though despite her strength, which is a nice boundary to set. Also, even though there are a LOT of ruby choices, they dont affect your overall ending with ya guy, which is a super nice touch nice game

this is the most AMAZING APP EVER i loved it. it was packed with action and a little bit of romance, but the perfect amount of both. i wish this could continue forever but sadly it had to come to an end. if i could, i would read this until i die, and after i die i would read it forever and ever, to remind me that these kinds of things are possible. i wish i could but it’s impossible.i just hope that if you read this, you will download it and love its action/romance packed story as i do!!!!!!!!!!

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