My Stella Knights – Are you the one that we should protect

[Game] My Stella Knights

My Stella Knights  Hey! Are you the one that we should protect?

In 202X, the almost invincible “Raiders” emerged in large numbers out of sudden.
And you, have become the key of the war?

You have joined the Academy, surrounded by young and handsome Stella Knights. such a great feeling! \*^_^*/

However, the Stella Knights who fight with their lives need your protection more than ever…

Game Highlights

Hundreds of characters are 100% Live2D, feel free to tap on any of them and interact with them as you like…
Handsome characters are just some unmoving pieces of paper men? No No!
Live2D grants each character life.
You, what are you doing? Keep poking on me and you made me feel shy!

Close to a million words in the storyline. The story is a perfect combination of hot thrilling battles and puberty love in a campus.
Having original world views, the story is mysterious and full of suspense. Wonderful campus love is so sweet~

Tap on the Explore button to enable Auto-battle. Easy control, you could play the game with just one hand. No boring operations, just one handed to tap and tap. A very casual game, you can even play it while lying in bed.

Attribute restraint and coordinated attack…it’s burning a little brain. Just use rare cards to form a team? How can it work! Form a powerful team with strategy based on your enemy conditions. That’s how it should work! Stuck? How about change a leader!

Simple cultivation game! Not necessary to play the game all the time or purchase items! No complex Exp cards, no lots of upgrade and star level gameplay! Just battle to level up, upgrade the same card. Each character only has a weapon. The success rate of enhancement for weapons are 100%. There’s no endless cultivation in the game.

Make dishes, send the gifts of love to your Prince Charming. Hurry up to make delicious dishes! Even a cold boy will be happy when he receives his favorite food.

Join a league to chat freely. Explore the game with players around the world! Don’t have to complain there’s no players online in a server. All players play the game on the same server. Chat freely with players across the world. Zero distance!!

Great events are available at any time! Don’t miss out! Amazing sideline story, new challenging Bosses! Don’t worry about the difficulty! You can earn rewards as long as you participate in the events!

What are you waiting for? Play Stella Knight Academy now!

My Stella Knights user reviews :

One the game is good… But it could be much better. Two, there needs to be some changes in the grammar, as there are grammatical errors in the game. It’ll flow much better if that was fixed. Also have an option for auto battles. Not have it where it’s just like that. It’ll be more immersive if you can ACTUALLY battle yourself and not have it on auto battle. Three, add a bit more romance. If it’s a romance game, then add more of that. That and the story needs to flow better.

Even though the game feels unpolished and unfinished I’ve been playing for quite a while because I was a big fan of the developer’s previois game Otogi. Until today. I’ve reinstalled the game and I’ve lost all the data: I reached level 41, had some nice characters and I even did a small donation to support them. I can’t find a way to recover my account despite I’ve been using google play. I really hope they will do something regarding this issue

Really enjoying this game. Love the art style, and the characters are well developed. I REALLY enjoy that this game IS NOT PAY TO WIN, like many of the other games on the play store. Patiently awaiting the rest of the story!!!!

All you need to put in this game is time. Using money on this is not even necessary with all the things and events going on in it. Story is meh but the game’s full of nice people. I’d give it five stars if the latest event didn’t suck so much

It’s a fun game and easy to play but i wish it was easier to level up cause it says rech levle 25 to unlock this story then when i do I forget what happened last story

I like this game but i would like to talk the creator game that this game i also can’t play cus it’s loading too long like hell but pls fix this game or maybe my phone have problem cus i can’t play this game whyy?!!?
  • Mitama Games HONGKONG Limited
  • If you don’t mind, could you please send us an email to cosmos[at] to elaborate on your problem and we will try our best to help you!

So far so good its pretty nice, it isn’t really complicated and it still has potential.

The english translation could use some work, but it’s a very rewarding game so far. Not too busy or bogged down with a thousand banners or side events, though I wish I knew how to repair the weapons. Might be boring to those who are looking for another Fate GO.

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