My Store – Come to your supermarket

[Game] My Store – Sim Shopping

My Store  Super hot classic game Dream Supermarket is live now!

The free collocation of 100 special products.
Kinds of vivid customers come to your supermarket.
Come to manage the dream world and build your convenience store!

1. Implanting the praise system of classic online shop perfectly.
Like real online shopping, you need to strive to improve your supermarket reputation through sincere service and create a perfect store with unique reviews.

2. The free collocation of 100 special products
Your own the supermarket and decide what to sell.

3. To compete with friends all over the world.
Compete with players from all over the world to see who has the highest rating and whose supermarket has the highest daily turnover. Reasonably set up the sale of the goods, with the Black Friday promotional activities, to improve the supermarket performance.

4、Mystery superstar is waiting for you!

As long as your supermarket has reached a certain critical value, you can invite superstars to endorse your products! Don’t you look forward to the moment when the stars come to the supermarket?

Super hot classic game.
Dress up your store.
Start your freny journey.
Let’s Run a unique supermarket.

My Store user reviews :

I played this game for long time on my first device. But you know what? Now I can not continue when I change my phone. This game is lack of user accounts, I also can not bind anything. As, I remembered on my last device I already add code for binding or anything. But when I play on other device it start from the beginning again and there is no option to login or load any data from last play data on other device. THERE IS NO SYNC FOR USER

So many bugs and glicthes kindly fix it …. I recently made an in app purchase for 159.php – the limited time gift 3. It did not reflect in my game, I did not recieved it, please refund OR ACTIVATE my purchase IN THE GAME …please activate my limited time gift 3..please fix the bugs and glitches, when I work at store tokens and earnings are not reflected, going back to store you’ll view blank and always close and launch again. YOU HAVE A GOOD GAME BUT PLEASE FIX YOUR BUGS!

I like the game but I can’t earn the Pink Coins/Tokens to improve products. When I work at someones store I never receive the coins or tokens, and when I return to my Store it’s blank and i have to re-open the app.

I like the game but there are bugs like connecting to server that never connects, so I can’t have friends, I can’t see the rankings, the garage and I can’t recruit people. So I can’t use half of the options. Also there is a problem with Improving system, I can’t get those purple coins to improve items. Please fix this.

Omg is this game from Gamegos or does it have anything to do with Marketland game from Facebook? Because almost all the decorations, wallpapers and floors are 1:1 copies of Marketland and Cafeland. They’re exactly the same. Besides that, I think there are bad things in this game. First, the shelves. Why do we have to “upgrade” the shelves? It’s annoying.

It’s so cute that I always play it all day, but it has glitches, and a while ago i can’t even connect to server even I restart the game more than thrice.

Cute and nice game but Never got somebody come and work in my shop even I did recuit Try visit some player that recuit in world but show there are no info about the player then cant visit When I want to parking sure will have internet issue then my car is parking there but I only can collect one min profit Some word in the game is in Chinese Furniture too expensive it is impossible to buy it

Its a realy fun game but it just won’t connect to server so I can’t get extra money and tokens.

It amazing and fun , and have alot of cute little chibi people. And everything else is great . plz keep up the good works Mr/Mrs

I really like the game it’s so fun even the graphics are very cute and you can even decorate it there are some ads but its ok cause the important thing is that the game is very fun to play

Its awsome game very interesting can’t take my mind off from this I really love this game I am thankful for oner of this game

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