myDream Universe – Make your own dream galaxy

[Game] myDream Universe – Freely build your dream planet

myDream Universe  myDream Universe is a sandbox space simulation game.

You can make your own dream galaxy any time, any way.

Start from a small asteroid absorbing other asteroids to form a solar system.

Roaming sandbox universe and discover wandering planets or solars, your solar system can earn GP and mass. GP is important to build your system. It is very easy to earn, simply roaming the universe and near other planets you will receive a GP.

Mass is everything in the universe. Biggest mass planet alway can destroy other smaller mass planets. So, find smaller mass planets and absorb them, and away from heavy mass planet is the survival rule in the universe.

Also mass is available on everywhere, roaming the universe. It is easy to find asteroids, absorb them to develop your planets.

This game is mainly focus on develop and growth the solar system. Absorbing mass is slow and long term. Once your sun has enough mass, it can be transform to neutron star or blackhole.

In order to let you freely build your dream solar system, we provide a 100 save area. So you can build up to 100 different solar system.

Grow you solar, enjoy to build the galaxy.

Discover Sandbox Planets, create your own solar system, galaxy, universe, space

You also can play on web.
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myDream Universe user reviews :

It’s ok if you like this kind of thing but there’s no instructions or help option to tell me what the point of it is, what I’m supposed to be doing or how to advance in the game. Am I supposed to be destroying planets as an asteroid or not? I have no idea because the game doesn’t tell me. There’s no guidance in the game whatsoever so there’s no point in me keeping it installed if I don’t even know what I’m doing.

Ello ello it’s a good game, but the reason of 4 stars from me is that when you are good at the game and then you get fed up with it and you want to uninstall it for some time its just doesn’t save please fix that please

I finally found how to transform: you see the message when you get mass, return to home, go on planet, select your planet, click the magnifying glass, and press transform!

Ok i have four reqests one add multi player two make it so if you stop black hole absorb mass it stops taking astroids like the rest three make it so when your a noutron star you can get lvl 20 to become a black hole and four when you get to a lvl 100 black hole you can become a galaxy and be your same level when your a galxy but minus 100 i would love that

5 stars all the way, ads arent a problem (even tho there is no way to remove it by paying) cause you can just turn off wifi and/or mobile data its that easy

I had to buy alot of gp just to be a neutron star and it is so hard to become something big so upgrade the points you get when you destroy stuff and why I make this a 1 star is bc WHEN YOU BECOMR A NEUTRON STAR YOU GOTTA GET ALOT OF GP TO LVL UP AND ITS BARLEY LIKE THE BLACK

ITS EPIC! But! I Thought It Was A SandBox game But you need to Work to make your “dream planet” And it says FREELY and i wouldent say “freely” you sorta need to work but WHO CARES THIS APP IS EPIC

There’s this bug 2 of my planets get to move the my solar sytem Plus may please make this multi-player. :questions are these stars npcs Yes Or No why do neutron stars have to be small. make habitable planets

If the Creator could make every thing bigger that would be fun Can you make everything easier for the beginners bc i had to do this for a month to get a black hole And make every GP price go down Its fun

This is the 7 th time it has reboot itself in a middle of a game and it doesnt keep the level you got to before it rebooted itself

Its a good game, But when you have everything unlocked its really just boring they just migth need more stuff to make it good again

Would give it five stars if you could restart your solar system without losing all you gp once you start that’s it unless you start over and lose everything making paying for anything worthless

Love the game but i keeps kicking me out after i collect lots of mass.

Its a great game dont worry about ads turn oof you wifi so ads will not show and btw theres a chance theres still ad you can fix it my realoading your app. Hope i helped

I love it alot but then i was storage cleaning and i deleted it but no i installed it again but my data wasnt saved, id realy like it if you fix that plz.

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