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[Game] Mythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes  Dark forces threaten the fate of the world, but you are not alone!

Summon an army of unique Gods and Heroes from distinct cultures to create your own elite team. You can then enhance their abilities with powerful new skills, unlock their iconic weapons, and strengthen them for epic battles. Your game will even collect rewards while you are AFK to help you save the realm!

Amazing features include:

One Tap — Then Hands Free
This game allows you to decide your level of involvement. You can actively participate in every battle or direct your team to do the nitty gritty themselves in idle mode. Simply set up your team, and one tap later, your Heroes are engaged in exploration and battle!

Strategic Freedom
Mix and match Heroes across multiple factions and unlock legendary weapons to gain the upper hand during your Rogue-like journey! Different from the rigid hero lineups of many RPG games, this game can make your every whim a reality!

Forge Unforgettable Friendships
Message others on the Global Server Chat to make new friends and alliances from all over the world! Start your own Summoner Guild and work together to take down Titans and Gods; then challenge your allies to a friendly 1-on-1 battle in the Arena!

Characters from Your Favorite Myths
Explore 10 unique continents as their epic storylines are seamlessly joined in a role-playing game storyline with thousands of years of history! Choose and enhance champions such as Zeus, Anubis, Izanami and Mulan with divine power!

Unique Dungeons and Fun Extras
What will your legend be, Summoner? You can customize your own adventure whether it is battling against the dark forces or receiving the Blessings of the Gods in the Pantheon! The choice is YOURS!

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Mythic Heroes user reviews :

For once, a game that doesn’t feel like I’ll be punished for not paying money/spending every waking hour playing it. Haven’t come across a single pop-up ad, or the looming threat that unless I pay money I will NEVER get certain heros (of course, cosmetics are a little tricker to get). This is the first game in over two years that I have downloaded and kept longer than three days.

I really enjoy playing this game. The unique designs and voice overs for the characters are well done. Also, other games of its kind ask you to rate the game or purchase something all of the time but this game doesn’t. It actually let’s you play the game instead of annoying us with adds. Overall it is a good game and I would recommend you play it.

Direct upgrade to another title by the same developers. When I say upgrade, I mean UPGRADE. The animation and gameplay is smoother, the leveling system seems faster/ more streamlined and the story is much more integrated. So far this seems to be less p2w than the last game, but I missed the last event, so I’ll update after one of those.

I’m giving the game 4* for now. I’ve been playing for 2 weeks. The pros: unlike most idle games there’s no level wall and no dark/light heroes locked behind paywall. UR heroes are hard to get but SSR are given like candy and really easy to max out. The game gives a ton of free gems and resourses. Unlike other idle games events don’t require your wallet. You can actually do them. Cons: the hero pool is small, and only a handful of heroes are usable.

Certainly a fun game as far as idle games like this go, love all the mythology characters both well known and obscure. Doesn’t feel like a cheap cash grab that forces you to watch ads or pay to win, if you feel stuck, just let the game idle for a while and come back later with better gear. This will definitely hold my attention for a good while.

MARVELLOUS! I love how heroes are automatically set to the same level as the last 5 hero. Upgrading heroes are very simple and easy! Graphics are amazing! Devs are very generous and we can earn rewards in almost everything we do. IAP are worth paying for. I dun mind spending money on this game to support the devs. Currently no issues here but will update if there is any. Keep up the awesome work IGG!

Good droprates and fun gameplay however you’re supposed to get a free $200 value pack when you start and I never did if you don’t get it within the first 12 hours of starting the game you don’t ever get it and it doesn’t tell you about the pack or the time limit you have to look it up very disappointing

GREAT GAME!!! HIGHLY Recommended! Does not bother you with constant popups or annoy you in any way! This is a level above the other games I have played in terms of quality, graphics, sound, overall design and feel of the game. Very surprised. LOTS to do and I just can’t say enough good things about it. Characters get a skill tree later on and the items are really interesting too as they give effects. It’s a nice game to min-max. Animations are well done! Really engulfs you into the experience!!!

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