Nameless Cat – Overcome all dangerous challenges

[Game] Nameless Cat

Nameless Cat  Received Honorable Mention Award in 2018 Bahamut ACG Creation Contest

Story Background

A nameless kitten who stumbled upon a strange world, embark on an action-packed journey through the fantasy realm to return to its owner’s embrace.
On the way home nameless cat encounters various creatures, undergo trials and hardships, which will become its takeaways of this journey!

“Oh, you know, many have given up halfway” ——God
“I don’t see the value worthy of pursuing in that thing” ——Rabbitman
“Here comes another lamb to be slaughtered” ——Owlvin

Can it overcome all dangerous challenges, defeat the enemy, and return to its owner?
A little adventure story of a cat is about to begin ⋯⋯

Game Features

Western Style Narrative Mobile Game
Game narrative consist of dialogues and levels, a heart-warming story told in cat’s point of view

2D Side-Scrolling Action Game
Challenge yourself with Hardcore difficulty gameplay in 3 different chapters and 40+ levels, with boss battles and special moves that will test your mastery!

Element of Mystery
Play as an adorable kitten, through talking with other animals, defeating monsters, and collecting treasures, you gradually discover the mystery of your background, and find the way to return to your owner.

Retro-inspired Pixel Style Graphics
Render in stunning pixel art style, with charming characters and custom skin collectibles, Nameless Cat take you on a retro experience of amazing classics.

Original Music Festival
In game music was specially designed by the team to create the sense of loneliness and indifference of the cat’s journey, allow you to be immersed in the dual experience of stunning graphics and beautiful music during game play.

News and Updates

Game data is stored on users’ devices. Deleting or Reinstalling the app will also remove any in-game data

Kotoba Games © 2017

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Nameless Cat user reviews :

I loveeee this game altho I hate the adds. I always have to play with wifi off bc otherwise there will be tons of adds. I do love the concept and how the characters talk and what they talk about. I love everything about it. Some stages are quite hard sometimes it even takes me 2 days to figure one level out. But after all it is a really nice game. I totally recommend!! And it deserves 5 stars

It’s a great game, I love that it has lore so that it doesn’t get boring, the teal colours are gorgeous. But, in lvl 14 I can’t get the cat food, I think you should remove the platform above the orb so that you can jump over the orb to get the cat food. Also, I suggest adding more skins that cost 10 cat food, like a skeleton cat, an alien cat, etc.

This game is absolutely amazing. I never thought I would ever play a mobile game for hours until I got this game. It has a good story and simple gameplay with entertaining puzzles. Honestly the best game on my phone right now. If 6 stars was an option, this agme would probably get it from me too

I finished it in 3 days and got all catfoods. Wish they would make more levels. The animation was good. The music was relaxing. And the boss fights are epic. 10/10, would play if there’s a part 2

10/10 game it has a great story the controls are easy and the puzzles are fun. The characters are great and the music is amazing I would give this game more stars but 5 is all I can give.

This was the best game I played in a long time. Seriously the game difficulty and design were perfect, the levels and the art were really creative. Would love a part 2!

Beautiful, one of the best mobile games, the pixel art is great, the levels are fun and tough, please play this amazing game

Wow best game. Using strategy, fun adventure and more. The bosses are hard.also every 5 deaths there will be an add

It’s a good game it’s like Undertale but your basically a cat and the world is different and all the others and there is less monster encounters this game is good we like you

Good game, I enjoyed it. However, there are quite a lot of ads which kind of ruin the experience for me. Still good, but not enough for 5-stars

Wow! This game is great.The control is really good.It’s fun to play this game.I love it

The best mobile platformer game I’ve played yet, and I’ve played a ton. This game is incredibly atmospheric and calming, yet challenging when it needs to be. The music is somehow nostalgic, its so soft and well done just like the rest of the game I just love it all so much. LOVE the pixel art vibes of the game as well…. ahhh its just a perfect little game. Would love a Nameless Cat 2, maybe with a different cat.

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