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[Game] NBA Ball Stars

NBA Ball Stars  NBA Ball Stars mixes the league’s superstar players, fast-paced action, and amazing skills with gem-bursting puzzle gameplay.

Take charge of an NBA Team, create customized line-ups, and strengthen your roster as you make a run for the championship. Puzzle success powers up players, increases offensive and defensive skills and unlocks signature moves. The quick, intense, and accessible matches of NBA Ball Stars make every moment count, and each move important.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Steph Curry and many more NBA greats are ready to join your team!
Level up their Offensive/Defensive skills
Perform spectacular signature moves

Strategize ideal line-ups based on player skill sets
Use the Formations System to put the best team out on the court

Increase player offensive/defensive skills through gem-bursting success
Charge up player skills through puzzle success to slam dunk, fast break, steal and more
Generate amazing board clearing effects to bring home victory

Challenge real player teams
Gain rare rewards
Move up the leaderboard and gain trophies

NBA Ball Stars user reviews :

I personally think it’s a really good concept of this like a candy crush type of game. But it can be a bit infuriating at times when you match a bunch of the right color and still end up losing the possession. Don’t get me wrong. Its a good concept and some thing are flawed like the versus mode. But I will be reinstalling this maybe a month from now to see if anything changes that makes the game better.

Ok, I was hyped for this and the season mode is CRAZY fun so this the two stars. But vs mode as of right now is complete pay to win. If you have the money, you can max out the levels and destroy anyone. You would think the match three type deal would level the playing field but it doesn’t. And the amount you loose when loosing a vs game is way too severe. Play season and if you are free to play, stay AWAY from versus

Not the worst game I just can’t get it to run even somewhat smooth. At every single step of the tutorial there was a glitch or an error and it’s not just me I’ve got three other friends that downloaded this game and have the exact same problems. It’s game breaking glitches as in I can’t see what gems I’m tapping on type of glitches. I’d rate higher just really need some fixes

It’s a really good game. I have no problems with it whatsoever. Gameplay is realistic and is easy to learn. I recommend this game if you’re looking for a NBA Game. I would love it if you could have the opportunity to change your team after a season ends. For example when the season ends there could be multiple teams interested in having you. And you can select 1 out of all the teams that are interested. I honestly think that would be an awesome feature. But overall, this is a great game.

It’s a pretty good game but I’ll have to play it a little bit more but so far I’m enjoying it. The loading screen was a bit laggy but for a new mobile game that’s expected. After the loading screen lag the game ran smoothly. Im happy I got the chance to pre-order the game and got what I expected. Don’t make me regret my words and 5s. Again I repeat the game is enjoyable to me at least.

I’ve waited a month for this game…but have a few issues already. First and foremost, and this is MY mistake, but I did choose the wrong team. Immediately, the inability to change teams leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Secondly, I greatly prefer gem SWAPPING rather than TAPPING, so I was disappointed in that. Otherwise, I genuinely do enjoy the game. It is very up to date and fun seeing the players and stat tracking is a very nice addition. Kudos!

kinda cool game idea, would be even better if you could incorporate the candy crush game style with the NBA idea which would make me feel like I’m actually doing something worth while which is what I thought this was at first but this you just pick big multiples as possible in a row to make plays. it’s ok, definitely a money grab like every other game but that’s to be expected. would like to feel like it’s more effort than what it is to make plays and win games but it’s ok for what it is.

I like the game a lot but I would love it if you put some other ways to shoot. For example put a shoot button, defense button, steal button and other things without putting what you have and also make the game able to rotate and play it like every other game.

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