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NextcallNextcall is the best way of tracking how often you’re calling your clients, or perhaps, even your mother.

Nextcall it’s a simple tool that creates a queue, which identifies how long it’s been since you last spoke to that important customer, or the close friend you don’t call as often as you should.

Talking to customers regularly, is the best way of building relationships, and winning business. Nextcall is a simple and fun tool for sales people to manage how long it’s been since you’ve spoken to your clients, and warn you when it’s been too long since you spoke.

You don’t call your mum as often as you should. You know that. Your cousin, the one who lives in Oakland, he needs love now and then too. Nextcall lets you manage your relationships, and earmark the ones that you haven’t spoken to the longest.

Nextcall ranks your contact list, placing the contacts who haven’t been called the longest at the top, and shows you how long its been since you last spoke, giving you a list of the ‘next calls’ you should make.
Nextcall is the best rated Android call queue app that lets you

★ identify important clients and friends you want to call regularly.
★ alerts you when you haven’t called a contact for a specified time.
★ splits contacts into business and personal categories.
★ creates an overall call schedule for personal and business contacts.
★ creates custom call schedules, for more or less regular contact.
★ Setup only takes a few seconds.
★ 100% free of charge. No advertising.

A premium version with more features will be available soon, and we’ve included an option to register your interest in the premium version within the app.

Nextcall user reviews:

Works well on my old nexus one. App is simple, straightforward and easy to use. It does the job well. Looking forward to more features and integrations in the next release

Amazing concept that lets you keep track of the last calls of specific contacts. COULD be a 5 star app if it recorded if the calls were answered, not just made. Clicking on a contact should give you a call history. Integration with Google Calendar would be a big plus point.

Visually this app is great. Very clean and minimalist design. A cool idea too — as a freelancer this helps me keep track of clients and also recruitment agents. One possible suggestion: the option to make a call with your number hidden. I like to keep my personal number personal yet I make all my calls from my personal phone. Just an idea anyway…

Such a simple app. How long has it been since you spoke to your favorite customer, or your sister, or your accountant. Nextcall answers that question, and reminds you to call a contact if it has been too long since you spoke. Such a great idea. and it works beautifully. Plus, you can split your contacts into personal, and business contacts.

A great simple product. I do love the colouring and cute icons (ie. man with a tie for business relationships).

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