Night Fighter – Battle it out for air supremacy

[Game] Night Fighter – WW2 Dogfight

Night Fighter

 Take command of one of 15 WWII fighters and battle it out for air supremacy.

Night Fighter: WW2 Dogfight puts a new spin on air combat on the small screen. Enjoy intensive dogfights as you work your way through endless enemy fighters.

All of the aircraft feature performance and load outs based on historical facts. No 2 planes are the same and all are enjoyable in their own way.

Compete with friends to see who cam get claim the best high score for each aircraft.

Planes include:

Hayabusa Ki-43-IIb
Zero A6M2 Type 0 Model 21
Reppū A7M2
Messerschmitt 109 BF 109 G-6
Würger FW 190 A-2
Schwalbe ME 262 A-1A/U5
Wildcat F4F-3
Warhark P-40
Corsair F4U-4
Thunderbolt P-47 D-30
Mustang P-51D
Lightning P-38L
Spitfire mkV B
Lavochkin LA-7
Yakovlev Yak-3

Caution this game is addictive!

Night Fighter user reviews :

Fun game! Its an arcade game and not a simulator, so be aware of that, but otherwise a great time! My only suggestion would to be add some different background choices (city, desert, etc.) And maybe some more aircraft? The selection is good as is, but more never hurt.

So every single enemy heads for you and when your shot down you can’t at all turn you could use your flaps and wings when you were in real life or in ANY OTHER GAME but also health runs down too fast for the planes unless there small you can’t target a location to immediately take down the enemy guns overheat WAY too fast bombers don’t matter no missions no bomb dropping and everything costs 10,000 WAY WAY WAY too much other than that pretty fun thats why there 2 stars

When I was playing it I felt I was in world world 2 but they should make a sandbox version and add more planes.And make some updates like shooting ground target like aa gun that shoot at you or dive bombing and some building and of course i like to see new maps and ships that contain aa gun and launches planes and you can destroy them

Great game! Invredibly fun! Only way this game could be better is if you could change the aircrafts speed.

most fun offline game I’ve ever played. wish there was more to it than endless mode though. devs, could you add like a campaign with missions? just a suggestion. anyway, really fun. focke-wulf 190 guns go brrrrr

Has so many noobs in the ratings, “planes are soo expensive, so many bots spawn, mimimi”…. The planes cost the same price each one! And the bots are noobs they don’t increase difficulty! IF you play you can get everything easily, stop being idiots. The game is incredible and have a high potential only need to add some things to the game, the graphics are good the controls are best (invert the controls for best experience). Has some overpowered planes like FW 190.

The good thing about this game is the planes are good, and rounds are rewading, but please improve the ai to fight each other than having to wait for one to hit friendly fire, And please add a feature where we can edit our own game. Just like spawn rate, because the enemy’s spawn rate is so high, that once you die you are spawn-camped.

Its absolutely brilliant. The sounds are superb. I would like to see more aircraft and maybe some ground targets in the future perhaps. But for now. I love it.

HI Great game but here’s an update idea put a red tails option you can access it only if you have the me 262 or p 51 and put bombers in the background and some that you can shoot if you are p 51 then don’t shoot the bombers and kill enemy fighter’s if you’re german then destroy the bombers and escorting fighters

I don’t normally write a review but this game stands out, hope the Dev’s keep updating this game because it has ablot of potential

Its a very great game! But i do hope you add more plane’s like the Junker ju 87 stuka And more death animations like exploding in the sky and then crashing to the ground Overall i like it very well Its a very great game

This game is good, but there’s this bug where when ever my guns overheat, I wait. But then when I shoot again, it overheats after like 3 shots. However the gameplay is good though

Love this game! It’s amazing fun to play. Might I suggest to add the gloster meteor, hawker sea fury, and mig 3 to balance out all the countries? Thanks

Nice game , what will make it much better is the addition of bomber planes , attack planes and ground targets, in addition to that a campaign mode with allies planes vs axis planes would be perfect, it will make the game more enjoyable because you will have objectives to achieve like destroying enemy base , shooting bombers, achieving air supremacy. … I hope you consider these suggestions. Thank you.

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