Nora – Touch your heart with melodious piano tunes

[Game] Nora – Touch Your Feeling

Nora  It’s an aesthetic music game. More than a pocket piano!

Touch your heart with melodious piano tunes and relax your soul.
Follow the development clue of the love story along with the beautiful melodies.
Every beautiful tune is played by yourself.
You sound like a piano prodigy while you are playing the game.


Real piano instrumental feedback. Playing complicated piano tunes is so easy.
Rhythm and tempo control – What the music should be? It’s up to you!
Mass musics across various genres.
Choose your favorite scene like forests, outer space etc. – It’s your stage.
Instrument options: Grand piano, Digi keys, Guitar, Music Box, Bass and more.
Upload your own MIDI files, and then play it.

Nora user reviews :

This game is absolutely the best rhythm based game for me, it has a good anime arts, lovely music and of course a relaxing gameplay. The only problem is that everytime i log in to start a new game, my progress to the music where gone, why? I mean those shining glittering stars

It was fun while it lasted. I had already unlocked all the songs in chapter one but then a few hours later when I went back to the game, I got logged out and it seems like I’ve lost all my gaming data. I got logged in by my Google play account but it’s not the account that I’ve used a few days ago. I’m confused. Anyway this game was fun and I could’ve rate it 5 if I my account didn’t have issues.

The one free song was too easy even on the hardest difficulty. I understand that starting songs are supposed to be easy, but I intentionally tapped the wrong part of the screan and it marked the tap “perfect”. I’ll give you 2 stars instead of 1 star for having no bugs because I think the “tap anywhere” thing was intentional by you.

Just beautiful. It’s hard to find a music game that has instrumental music only, most are electronic music which I’m not huge fan of. This one has a ton of beautiful pieces and amazing controls. The hard level is very difficult for some songs, but it just makes the game challenging enough to enjoy. Amazing graphics too! Overall would definitely recommend.

This is a good game but I can’t login or register. The piano songs are selected pretty well. This is a good app.

huh, apparently when you first purchase Will get the top up piano and back ground,but when you want to switch to the other music instrument and switch back to top up piano that you just got, you’ll will needed to retop up just so you can use it again,does that mean you can only be used one or two day and you needed to recharge it again, that’s fun,good job devaloper for tricking the player to want them to recharge and then want the player to recharge again .

Cool!!! There are awesome musics. And you can play the midi files.

I love this game. I’ve been playing it for awhile. Your most recent update was said to improve sound quality, I have noticed the difference, and in some songs they do sound a bit better, but I have found that in most songs, the piano tends to sound a little of tune. The previous sound was better, in my opinion

It has some issues. I cannot log in using play games or Google account or even Facebook account. Even if I log in, somehow, it logs me out next time I open it and my gaming data or progress are lost, every time I open it. I liked the game but, it’s a pity that I have to leave it behind.

Mm hmmm! It is a good game i love the music, i can relax by playing this game but i have one problem In the hard mode there is a time the color violet or purple uhh whatever sometimes it not working but sometimes it works but i love challenging my self but because of that problem i cant play hard so i decided to play in normal mode but i really hope you can fix itt right! And one more thing add more music plss

I like this game. I love the songs and the graphics too. I like the anime thingy all over the game. But i dont want the bubble. I tought it will be like the perfect piano game. And its hard to get 3 stars.

The idea is really nice, and it introduces me to some cool songs, heck there’s even some classical piano in it! The story is easy to understand as well, it’s just that you need to grind alot in order to play further songs.

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