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Not A Legend  All the goodness has disappeared. Since the arrival of the gods, all I have seen are tragedies, more tragedies.

The sacrifices of countless people have only exchanged for our lingering life, but now we can’t hold on, the world is about to collapse, no one can be spared, then fight, take out your blood and bravery to let those monsters see the power of mankind! Let them pay the price!
I’m going to fight for glory, are you coming?

Not A Legend user reviews :

This is a verry great game, and i would highly recomend it to people who are new because its nice and easy. There were sometimes where i got stuck but after a little bit fighting i leveled up and got new loot. I like the new skill system, instead of buying to get a random skill you can buy them for 1 sacrafice and thats really nice, I just recently got to level 100 and i think r4-r5 whatever its called but still a very enjoyable game and hope to see more and better changes in the future.

I absolutely love this game. I really hope more content is added so I don’t get tired of playing it. I haven’t experienced a single crash or game breaking bug thankfully. I am enjoying farming for the soul armor sets, it would be amazing if you can upgrade the effects they give you. Also, some better explanations and grammar in the game overall would be wonderful.

Decent game loop, it makes me want to see what kind of gear is possible to get. I like the Diablo-style gem and rune socket system a lot, adds to the customization aspect. The main problems I have had include: – Crashing soon after watching ads, or the ad bonuses not working at all (or crashing after the ad ends, rendering the time I spent watching pointless). – The BGM volume automatically sets to 0 after closing the game. – Entering the battlefield after Misty Demon gives me “Bad network”.

App has a lot of engrish, but it makes sense; there’s even a skill called “cardiotonic.” Imo that sounds about a billion times better than “health restoration.” There’s a whole bunch of options (I played as a sword-wielding mage for a while) and various battles to choose from. The animations are conservative but good. Smithing is powerful but balanced. Items are exceptionally varied, I keep finding new skills and elemental distributions even on NG3 (just got a 90%/90% 2h staff).

Would be 5 starts except ultimate battlefield does not work just says bad network regardless of using wifi or data,and it gets a bit repetitive when you have to grind a lvl over and over in hopes of getting q decent drop to progress

Love this game. I was disappointed to see ads and no effects from the packages I purchased. Combat package and remove ads. I see no buff and more ads after the purchases. If nothing can be done about it, refund please. Reedit And now the game doesn’t work at all

you cant play the ultimate battlefield becouse its always in reset/next time.and why you can refine only one parameter?amd why the block rate/parry seems to do nothing?im still taking damage even if i parry each time,and you kinda stuck after 100lvl because you cant get better equipment

The daily sign in hasn’t worked once. I can’t even get any of the rewards or anything. I thought it was a glitch or something so I deleted it and re-download it. Didn’t work for anything

So far it’s been a pretty decent game experience. With that being said, I do have one minor but also potentially helpful idea. What about being able to exchange an item(s) between two of your own characters?

The game is really fun and addictive. A major gripe I have though is I can’t do the ultimate battlefield.

This had got to be one of the best mobile games I have ever played, after genshin. Thought there are some stuff that is not explained, like blood amber and secret emblem armor

Good game only thing keeping me from 5 star is the random game crashes in the middle of fights. Other than that its alot of fun thanks for making a good game.

Game is good, but keep crashing down middle of the game. Please check it out

Fun to play, but you have a bug in the achievement rewards, where after receiving 1 reward, you have to reload the app to receive another reward. Also, some of your descriptions have typos, like s% and &#34… bla bla, instead of the actual text. All in all though, well thought out and good work.

Should have a better rating the game bit perfect with some glitches but it is fun it’s a new game so 5 stars hope it keeps getting better and better

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