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[App] Nox Better – Health & Habit Tracker

Nox Better  Nox Better is a habit tracking app that tracks and records your every habit by customizing an exclusive healthy life plan, and provides professional guidance to help you build a “Good Habit” and have a healthy & self-disciplined life!

What do we have
Various health habits
Multiple habit reminders
Real-time recording of habits
Comprehensive analysis report

3 steps to building your own habit
Choose the habit you want to build
Set reminders to ensure that NoxBetter can remind you
Complete the habit of check-in, record and track progress

Healthy habits plan
One-click generation of exclusive health habits plans according to your needs, including drinking water reminders or running, etc.

Habits check-in assistant
Become an assistant to help you build good habits through multiple reminders, tracking records, data analysis, etc.

Professional guidance
Provide professional health habits guidance, such as relaxing sleep music and scientific knowledge that can make you fall asleep quickly.

Participate in product design
Add your favorite habits to the product! Vote on NoxBetter’s product design.

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Suggest any feature you’d like to see in future updates.
Email us:support[at]

Nox Better user reviews :

Hi, thank you for your handy habbit tracker app. But I have some thoughts in regards it’s improvement. Could you please add some additional functionality: 1 – the ability to mark a habbit as done not only for today and for passed days. This is usefull because people can forget to mark a habbit and for example go to bed. And at the morning they can edit yesterday habbits. 2 – to add a setting for the 1st day of the week. In many countries this is Mon, not Sun. Thanks in advance.

Can’t it get offline? It’s a very good app for habit tracking and the discover feature is my favourite as it makes you spend time on the thing which will help you rather than binge watching YouTube videos. But it doesn’t work offline and that is a problem. It would be so good if it worked offline too.
  • Nox Limited
  • Thanks for your comment. It seems offline function can not be done recenty casue the habit tracking needs network. We will try to solve it in the future version release.
Was” a New User: I would’ve love it and use it, if I can use it offline, I’m an offline user most of the time I can’t always connect to a network…
  • Nox Limited
  • Thanks for your comment. It seems offline function can not be done recenty casue the habit tracking needs network. We will try to solve it in the future version release.
Great app! Please add graphs. That would be wonderful.
  • Nox Limited
  • Hello, Thanks for your support and feedback on NoxBetter. We’re so delighted to know how much you trust it. The developer team will work hard to make the app even better. We hope to give you the best assistance, so if you encounter any problem when using NoxBetter, please contact our customer service via support[at]
Don’t know why a habit tracking app is asking for my location
  • Nox Limited
  • Thanks for the comment. We have a Weather feature, so we need ask users for the location permission. Hope you understand that.

Make my learning more rhythm, it is worth recommending

It’s good but it doesn’t work offline sorry but this makes me delete it .

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