Object Hunt – Find your perfect spot to hide

[Game] Object Hunt

Object Hunt  The ultimate game of hide ‘n’ seek is about to begin!

The object of the game is simple! One person becomes the hunter, whilst the rest of you hide! But this game comes with a twist… You can’t stay as you are!

Become a prop to disguise yourself as, and find your perfect spot to hide otherwise you’ll stand out and get caught.
You’ll also get the chance at being the seeker make sure you sniff out the props hiding as people and find them all to win!

Object Hunt features:

New props to use
Skins to unlock
Become the hunter
Seek out the props

Object Hunt user reviews :

This games clearly not an online game, seeker always walks directly towards me and hits stuff around me and I turned wifi off mid game and it continued to work just fine till the game ended and I tried to start a new one, yet requires internet connection, probably because without one they can’t spam you with ads (which happens when you have a connection). it’s the same boring stuff over and over it walks around hits random stuff and the game ends. don’t bother with it go get a better game.

Fun game, but way too many ads. It makes you think that you’re playing with real people, but really they are just bots. If you kill your internet connection, it won’t let you start a round. However if you’re part way in, and you cut your connection, it’ll keep playing as if you’re still connected. The dishonesty and the amount of ads are just dirty app tactics.

You can definitely tell this game is new, and I see a lot of potential for it but there is a lot of flaws 1. There is WAY too many ads, ads to be hunter is not good and it should maybe be 1 in 10 chance or something. 2. It is way too easy, there is not enough time for hunter when you are not hunter and there is so many easy places to hide and win every time. If these were fixed I would definitely give it 5 stars but I’m only giving it 2 because of that.

Ads There are ads that pop up after every round I play, but everything else with the game is perfectly fine! Though I don’t even hide. You win legitimently every time. This game has to be multi-player so it’s not just, “hide in the open area and win every time!” Hopefully this game get updated so this doesn’t happen.

This game was fun and creative despite the bot players and the constant ads. My issue are the lags and frozen screen. I unlocked a character through the treasure chest I found and now after ever round I ply the screen freezes and doesn’t let me do anything. Its annoying and a bit sad because I played this game so often. Im deleting it now after trying to unfreeze it for days and nothing is helping.

This is a great game it’s like Roblox pigggy if ur a fan of it , you should definitely try but it’s hard to walk when ur hiding as the toilet your, always jumping. And if u like hide and seek and games with others this is perfect game for you. And the animations are cool I already know it’s a keeper for sure!!  Also I love how I once got to pick if I wanted to be the hunter I think it does that to everybody its just a brilliant game!!!

I litreally love this game its like really fun! There are so meany hunters to chose from, and hiding, or hunting people is just really fun for me, so I think you will like it to, so downlode it (if you want) and try it out! Object Hunter is one of my favorite games!!! I give it a 5/5 stars because its just so fun to play!!!!!!! My favorite role is to hide becaus I’m good at hiding and I’m really good at hiding than hunting, but I’m sure you will really good at both roles, please try it out.

I really like this game! But to many ads! AND ALSO THE HUNTER KNOWS WERE I AM! I WAS hiding and the hunter whent straight up to me.! And killed me!?. The Hunter didn’t even hit anything else he/she just came up to me and hit me!. Please make the hunter not know we’re you are!.And I know you need money but it’s just to many adds!

i love this app but the killer always found me!,i have no time, a glitch happened when i played as the pick dress with hat on it (idk whats it called)then i hide near the door but the bot was there and it pushed me to the void!!!!,please fix this…..,i only like apps that does not have any glitches so fix it please!!!!

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