Ocean Merge – Welcome to the land of mermaids and tritons

[Game] Ocean Merge

Ocean Merge  Once upon a time…Mermaids and tritons were living peacefully in their ocean kingdom until evil creatures started to pollute their environment with toxic oily substances!

In order to prevent collapse of their kingdom and take back their territory, they have to clear it using Healing Orbs and fight off monsters spreading more toxic pollution.The kingdom is under attack and YOU are its only hope to revive the ocean land back to life!

Merge everything!
Welcome to the land of mermaids and tritons where you can merge all kinds of items into even more amazing creations! Starting with the eggs, they can evolve into grown up beings! As a ruler of the Ocean kingdom, it’s up to you to revive the mermaid society. Merge plants, merge buildings, merge chests, merge animals, merge sea creatures, merge statues, and mermaids themselves.

Solve puzzles!
Match 3 items of the same kind to awaken ocean creatures who will help you heal the poisoned land. Figure out the puzzles, merge items, complete levels and challenges to collect treasures and bring them back to your Capital. Ocean adventure awaits!

Grow your Capital!
Collect and merge your rewards to awake more Ocean mermaids and tritons. How big will your capital grow? Collect magic treasure chests and open them with magic keys. Merge magic creatures: eggs, seahorses, underwater plants and special healing orbs. As time goes by, the more land and water will become clear and the Capital will be more abundant with buildings, magic plants, animals and magic items. Decor your kingdom with seashells, flowers, plants and many more adornments! You can unlock more decorations by levelling up! Once you discover new magic objects, you can use them on your land to make it a more colorful, cute and nice place!

Discover the world full of fantasy!
Design the environment and customize Capital as you want. Adorable characters, cute mermaids and strong mermans are waiting for you! Unlock challenging levels to discover more decorations and objects to place in your Kingdom!

Special Events are here!
Once in a while you will be invited to take part in special adventures! In seasonal events you can unlock unique creatures which can become inhabitants of your ocean Capital!

Ocean Merge is 100% free to play game! Download now and be ready for more soon!

Ocean Merge user reviews :

Although the game has a few issues… All of which were sorted out by sending an e-mail to Sheepdog and their quick response to fix it for me. If I could give 5 stars for service I would give them 6 Suggestion; any chance of a break button to lock workspace for easier play and less errors???
  • sheepyard
  • Thank you for the kind words Tanja. We’re constantly working on the game improvements and we’ll consider your suggestions. Definitely. Have a great day
Too many bugs. Im tired of replaying levels and the castle anytime i switch from one to the other, or if I close the game to do something else. And when it resets it costs more to unlock a space then it did the first time. Besides that i really like the game.
  • sheepyard
  • Hi Ruth, did you notice any pattern when the issues occur? Pls send us an email to info[at]sheepyard.pl with more details. We’re still working on the game improvements so let’s investigate it together!
The game is so fun and exciting to play! I lose countless hours playing this game and I’ve enjoyed it far more than any other merge game I’ve played. I had some small glitches in some of the events that I believe resolved themselves after a couple days, but overall this is an amazing game!
  • sheepyard
  • Thanks, Kai! It’s so rewarding to hear this. If you’d like to discuss these glitches further, you can always find us at info[at]sheepyard.pl
im giving it two stars becuz whenever i open the game it just freezes and goes black for some seconds and brings me back to my home screen i dont know what to do so sorry it would have been fun if it worked
  • sheepyard
  • Hi Harley. Pls try to reinstall the game or change the internet connection (from wifi to cellular). If it won’t help, pls contact us at info[at]sheepyard.pl. We’ll do our best to help you!
Thank you. Support team you all are the best. You help me with every problem I have with this game. Will recommend this game. My game is also been saved without any social media. Love it. Thanks.
  • sheepyard
  • We’re so glad that we’ve helped you! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it even more soon…
I need to update my review for an awesome game experience. This is an unique merging game, completely different from the other games. The graphics are great and the creatures look really very cute.. The loading problem is gone and the game is going fantastic. Thanks for the dolphin
  • sheepyard
  • Shubharthee, thanks a ton for updating your review. We’re so happy to hear it’s all fine now. Please, just don’t forget to tell your friends about Ocean Merge. Let’s promote the game together
Love it, but there’s suddenly a bug where I can’t get to the levels anymore, half of the icons in the home area are gone. Tried restarting and reinstalling but neither fixed the problem.
  • sheepyard
  • Have no worries, Vera! Just contact us at info[at]sheepyard.pl, send a screenshot of this bug, and your player ID. We’ll investigate it as quickly as possible.

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