One More Brick – Take your time to aim

[Game] One More Brick

One More Brick  Simple yet incredibly addictive game, the perfect time killer!

Take your time to aim.
Shoot and watch the chain of balls hit, bounce and destroy the bricks.
Think strategically and make the most of the power-ups.
Beat your highscore and compare it to your friends.


Relaxed gameplay, perfect time killer.
Low on space? You won’t believe it, the size of the game is less than 10MB!
Ideal for playing one handed. One-thumb controls.
Unlock new balls with special skills!
Customize your own ball in the Balls Editor!
No wifi or internet? Don’t worry, you can play offline!
Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards

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One More Brick user reviews :

Good for awhile but you can never beat your score at a certain point because they make it nearly impossible to beat it. More trying to get you to watch more ads and pay for stuff than a game.

The controls are imprecise and unintuitively. I recommend the dev should play some 8 Ball Pool to see how aiming in a line should be controlled.

Wow, really good game! Just to play, or kill time, the bestest game

Truly deserving of 5 stars. Have been playing this game on and off for years. The art and colors are amazing. There has never been anything glitchy. Collecting stars to unlock different abilities/ball skins, and having both challenges and an arcade mode, gives this simple game progression. Thing I’d love to see added: + Skins for the little red robot, perhaps other colors or some that look like a cat/smiley face/R2-D2/companion cube from Portal/ect + Background music with a toggle feature

Update: I bought ad free, but continue to get ads.. One of my favorite games. A decent amount of ads but they space them out.

Best brick game we can find in play store

Best brick game out there right now. Powerups. Challenge levels. Very well done. Definitely worth the $2! Please support this developer :)
  • Rifter Games
  • Thank you very much Andrew for your kind review!!

Seems like you get to a certain point and the game throws a wall of bricks you can’t get past. It’s a good time waster though.

This app is better than an Italian BMT at Subway, but only because it lasts longer.

My husband and I have been playing this game for a LONG time. We both find it relaxing during down time. We have never had any issues with it either.

Lots of fun, but I lost all my completed 156 Challenges, custom ball, and 12,000+ stars when I upgraded my phone yesterday. What good is the GooglePlay account if not to protect your progress?!?
  • Rifter Games
  • Hi, to save your progress you have to go to “Settings” – “Saved Games” on your old device and save it. Then it will appear on “Settings” – “Saved Games” on your new device. You can send us an email to support[at] if you have any trouble!

Best Block breaker game I’ve played … And I’ve probably played to many

I usually put down games after a week of two of bordem.. But this one I’ve been playing nonstop for a year. Love it

i want some kind or new update. Like play online with others or login with..

It’s pretty good in the beginning. Graphics are nice, it’s free to play and it’s your typical block breaking game. Unfortunately you can’t save your progress and gets boring pretty soon. I got to brick level 60 without any losses, it saved my progress at like checkpoint 57 (happens when you clear all blocks on the screen), I continued to about level 150 then took a break. It then loses all my progress. Says my high score was 150, and allows me to start from brick level 1. I uninstalled it.

Great for wasting time, been playing it off and on for years

Its cool to pass the time, but the game is designed to put you in unwinnable scenarios after the 200 mark to coax you into paying to win.

love this game! it forces you to think and strategize. been playing for at least 2-3 years. i wish the special balls weren’t so expensive though. i will admit finally paid the $2 to remove ads. hate sitting through them. love the challenges i am finally almost getting through all of them. I’ve reached the very hard section and love the challenge!

Purchasing the “removed forced ads” in app purchase for $2 doesn’t actually remove forced ads. (Hence the low star review). If you’re going to offer such a purchase, it should do what it says it will. Just your standard Android pay-to-win game. A moderately entertaining way to kill an hour on public transportation.
  • Rifter Games
  • Hi Xan, the “Remove Forced Ads” removes all non optional ads from the game. If you are still seeing non optional ads after the purchase, please send us an email to support[at] and we will help you fix the issue.

Great game to play to kill some time, and it’s oddly satisfying. Lots of options for gameplay styles since you can change features of the ball you use. I particularly love that ads are not intrusive. I also enjoy the new modes added to keep things fresh and make the game still feel alive. I really appreciate how considerate the design seems to be, great game!

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