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[Game] One-Punch Man – Road to Hero 2.0

One-Punch Man  This is an emergency announcement! The disaster level is… UNPRECEDENTED.

Don’t even think about running and hiding! Collect popular heroes, powerful monsters, and fight your way through the Dark Matter Thieves Arc and beyond!

Not everyone needs to train to the point that their hair falls out, and what you are capable of doesn’t just mean physical strength. What’s more important is to assemble a team that can maximize synergy among heroes!

The officially licensed OnePunch Man mobile idle strategy card game OnePunch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 is here!
Unique abilities and strategic formations! Abundant offline rewards! And a myriad of game modes and challenges await!
You don’t need to do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats to become strong.

Unique Play Styles
Story Mode – Battle your way through the city and take down those enemies that allowed Saitama to make a name for himself!
Extreme Trial – Overcome your limits as you challenge the endless tower. Could the you of tomorrow beat you today? Instead of giving in, move forward!
PvP Tournament – If you don’t want to get bossed around or mocked by the people around you… you need to get stronger! Prove your worth against other players in the Fight Arena!
Road of the Strong – Choose the path that will reward you with random buffs and abundant rewards in this roguelike game!
Battle Will – We human beings are strong because we are capable of changing ourselves! Your top five heroes will inspire others to become just as great! No need to train them when they train themselves!
Exploration – What is evil? What is justice? Explore the labyrinth and find the answer for yourself while also enforcing justice.

Dynamic Battles
This wouldn’t be a superhero game if there weren’t epic battles and signature moves such as Mumen Riders Justice Crash or Puripuri Prisoners Angel Rush! Mix and match heroes and mysterious beings in countless formations to create unbeatable combos!

Character Cultivation
The more the merrier! All the extra cards can be used to level up your characters! Do not fight alone!

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One-Punch Man user reviews :

Its ok.. I dont like the auto battle limitedness. I like to b able to select my own fight options. However, it is built for ease of use for noobs so thats helpful to new players. So if yourr looking to just get started enjoying this type of role playing game then its the game for you. If youre a bit more advanced then try summoners war or marvel legends. Theyre a bit bigger with more user options.
  • Hello Phil! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We’re working on some aspects of the game and we’ll take your comment into consideration! If you have more suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to share them via Discord –

A Great game, especially for One Punch Man Fans. A good “Move at your own Pace” Game, and honestly you can go Free to Play and still get everything, just in due time. Patience is required for that route, but with how this game is designed, works just fine. Plenty of ways to get Diamonds without using irl Money, and though the Story does get tough, it really forces you to strategize with team building and placement. Love that so much. Remember, the type advantage doesn’t always decide the battle.

Good, but you won’t stand a chance against AI (single player) of same lvl to you. They score far more bonus hits and will constantly land crits with almost every attack, whilst you could go through a whole fight without landing one. No option to grind either, other than waiting for daily challenges. The person who plays 10 hours a day has no advantage over someone who’s on 5 minutes a day. The game also has NO progression outside of RNG which always throws you a high increment.

Awesome this game is not just the idle one punch man we want it is the one we need the levels, graphics, thought and time put into this game by devs is respectable they deserve a well done it doesn’t have a hard pay wall I’ve got end level chars and I’ve only paid 99p so far I’ve rallied and fought back every time u can put in some time and see the rewards without having to pay through the teeth it’s very fair on that front.
  • Thanks a lot for your comment and all those stars. Our team is ready to make the best OPM game ever and, for that, we need your help with feedback and suggestions. If you ever need any assistance, just reach us on CS in-game, on our Facebook Page or even by e-mail at opm-service[at] Join our Discord @

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