Open Garden – Currently allowing only secure traffic for a limited number of services

[App] Open Garden

Open GardenOpen Garden shares Wi-Fi Internet with others, in exchange for OG Coins.

Use those OG Coins to get Internet access from others, or cash them out.

Currently available in BETA for limited locations in the USA (San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia). More coverage coming soon!

Currently allowing only secure traffic for a limited number of services (YouTube and Facebook). More services coming soon!


Share your Wi-Fi Internet with other Android devices
Access more Wi-Fi hotspots through other Android devices running Open Garden
Faster and more reliable Internet by crowdsourcing connectivity from nearby devices running Open Garden
Gain OG Coins by sharing
Use OG Coins to get Internet access

Open Garden requires Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location to be enabled.

The Open Garden app is completely free.

Twitter: @opengarden

User reviews:

Interesting concept. Guess you could get the word out to the 5m fire chat user base when you are ready. You will need a big user base for people to try it. Really you need a landing page in the hot spot redirect to tell people to get the app. Look carefully at Microsoft’s blunder on this idea in Windows 8 ( or was it early 10?) They didn’t market it properly. Can a third party, network to local lan resources? If they have access to the lan subnet, security will be an issue.
  • Open Garden November 4, 2017
  • We do take security of both participant of a connection very seriously. Since only selected and whitelist traffic gets offloaded using the Open Garden network, everything that is targeting local lan resources don’t reach the device sharing its Wi-Fi Internet access. A connected user don’t have access to the sharer’s local network.

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