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OrbotOrbot : Enhance your privacy, break through firewalls and communicate more safely.

Orbot is the official port of Tor to Android. Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet.

– Works best with Firefox Mobile+ProxyMob Add-on
– Works with Orbot-enabled apps like Gibberbot (secure chat) and Orweb

– Supports transparent proxying of all apps and services, or app-by-app basis

User reviews:

The tor individual apps option isn’t working so it just allows all applications which is an issue for it bypasses the firewall on block applications. Thanks for efforts

Why do devs always have to mess up perfectly fine apps? -.- Now the UI looks awful (graphics resolution too low), transparent proxying isn’t working anymore and it takes 1-3 min. to start. Seriously, WTF? :/ EDIT: configuring Orbot to use default iptables seems to resolve at least the issue with the transparent proxying. – 3 stars now.

very good with root thank you for jelly bean users it will come soon

Works with Dolphin HD.

The Mob Proxy plug-in for app does not work with the new Firefox browser version 14.. disappointed.. works well with the old Firefox

It’s nice to have Tor on Android. And it’s even nicer that, unlike on the PC, it can work globally (for all apps), not just the application set up for it. You need a rooted phone for that, of course. To avert misunderstanding, you can still use Orbot without root permissions, but not globally, the apps need to be set up for it, like on PC. The only thing I don’t like is that it keeps ~10 MB of data in /data/data. I wish it was kept on the SD card instead. I have a lot more room there.

Actually it does work on ICS on my Nexus S. Allowed me to access Facebook in Vietnam more conviniently. 4 stars because the interface for selecting apps is a bit glitchy and I did get a reboot of my phone once.

For non-rooted devices, as per my less-than-comprehensive testing, Orbot works *transparently* with the default browser and Dolphin Browser if the proxy server is manually specified in advanced Wi-Fi settings, but Chrome, Firefox and Opera ignore this. At least on Firefox, this can be fixed with the Proxy Mobile extension. Don’t know how other apps behave.

Can’t get it to show that I’m behind TOR proxy according to TOR’s website checker. It worked perfectly fine before I rooted and pushed the new OS. Such a shame cause its such an awesome app. Will 5 star once fixed. Edit: even after shutting down it will still run the service in the background and eat battery like crazy.

Works awesome! But please, please add a setting to completely disable the notifications. They show up every second time I pick up my phone (because of reconnects?!) and this is so annoying. I want this to be invisible. THANK YOU!!!

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