Origin of Conquerors – Revive old civilizations

[Game] Origin of Conquerors

Origin of Conquerors  Revive old civilizations and rise up against your enemies with this mobile strategy game!

Crush kingdoms and empires with your unique tactics! Recruit historical figures to aid your battles and conquests!

Move Freely on the World Map

Deploy unique RTS tactics to defeat your foes. Rally your allies for battles, or change your strategies at the drop of a hat! Can you pull off the pincer maneuver to stop your enemies from fleeing and secure a flawless victory? Are you able to rise from the ashes of your burning city? Set out on conquests to conquer your foes? Show off your battle prowess in this battle of wits!

Zoom in on the World Map

You can spectate your battles and conquests up close or from afar! You can zoom in on your traveling units, or even check out the situation in neighbouring kingdoms and empires. Observe and rise above your enemies!

Three Civilizations Await You

Arabia, the Ottoman Empire, and Ancient Egypt are three civilizations thrown into turmoil. Journey through the chaotic kingdoms and tumultuous empires as the savior of this restless era. Recruit legendary Commanders from different civilizations to aid your conquests as you seek to bring peace back to the world. Conquer your enemies and restore order to the civilizations in turmoil.

Legendary Commanders Await Your Orders

Recruit over 20 legendary figures across history. Their names struck terror in the hearts of their enemies. Saladin, Suleiman, and even Ramses II are eager to aid your conquests. It’s time to rise above the other kingdoms and empires. Rise higher than any lord!

Change of Era and Technological Advancement

Journey from ancient times to the classical era of literature and art. Marvel at the strange dark age and the prosperous industrial age. Transform your kingdom or empire with your technological advancements.

Build Your Own Unique City

Customize your City and set it apart from others. This is where your journey begins!

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Origin of Conquerors user reviews :

I REALLY LOVE games that have the same mechanism like Mobile Royale, Galaxy Mobile and Lords Mobile, so of course I love this game so much!! Because it has the same mechanism like those game I mentioned above, good job IGG, btw Im still waiting for Empires Mobile to be released, I hope it has the same mechanism like those game I mentioned. Peace and Love from Indonesia.

Talents system is very hard , please edit it… we again 1 point every 10 levels and that’s very hard …. hard to get exp in begining of the game so that commanders(heros) be very weak at starting …Please change this system , it makes us very slow to hunt rebels as f2p players …thanks kingdom 4… IcyGirm

The game is fun to play but there is 1 MAJOR problem I chose English as my language and then I chose Arabia as my city but it speaks in Arabic, please fix this
  • Dear player, Please kindly report your problem or suggestion along with your detailed information through: help.oc.android[at]igg.com. We will check it and solve it as soon as possible.

I give 5 star but why now.. I so many time update but always not going good to playing.. Like error.. I hope be batter like before i update

Extreme bad only subtitles available …no english
  • Hi, No need to worry sir, the game have an english version for sure, just choose settings then language and choose english, we wish you spending a good time with us and we hope that you will change your rate!
The game froze at the beginning story
  • Hi, we’re sorry to see you’re having problems with the game. If you contact us at help.oc.android[at]igg.com, we’ll help you out with this, and you can contact the CS directly via the CS icon in the loading screen as well, thank you.
I rated it 2 stars because if i play the game it’s going me back please fix this
  • Hi, we’re sorry to see you’re having problems with the game. If you contact us at help.oc.android[at]igg.com, we’ll help you out with this, and you can contact the CS directly via the CS icon in the loading screen as well, thank you.
This game is awesome.. Iam just started playing it.. But I hope its not p2w game.. If ts not I will make it 5 stars :)
  • Thank you so much for your support, and rest assured it’s not a pay to win game, you can try the game to make sure of this, and we wish you best luck and spending good times with us, and if you have any kind of feedback please feel free to contact us through: help.oc.android[at]igg.com or tickets system.

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