Osman Gazi – Inspired by real people and events

[Game] Osman Gazi

Osman Gazi  This is Kayı’s game!

This is the epic of a nation’s founding and resurrection!
This is a true story of heroism!

Witness the story of Osman Ghazi, a great statesman, leader and warrior!

A story of epic valor inspired by real people and events…

With high resolution 3D graphics and user-friendly interface, Osman Ghazi is a pioneer in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled 3 continents, and witness the resurrection and foundation of a nation!

The son of Ertugrul Ghazi, the illustrious Governor of Kayı, fight and rule for a state with Osman Gazi! A struggle for justice and truth that comes before us from the dusty shelves of history!




Osman Gazi user reviews :

The game is so good but one thing is need to improvement the enemies life did not see pleased the enemies life is see

Much more fantastic, realy very nice music in the background.Interesting,I wait for the new chapters.

I really love this game everything about it spot on but the thing I would like you to try to put is new levels weekly just like the show kurulus osman on wednesday you can put it the day after it is released and can you please add music like in kurulus osman mogollar and dodurga instead of your game company being in a situation where you have to close why don’t you just increase gold per level and remove the buy option for gold.

The game is very good i like it very much but the level rewards is only one coin

Good but one level is too hard when osman ho to gind his soldier and then i find them but osman cant fight alone is too hard

Invincible game has great graphics please increase levels and decrease amount of inventory

I am giving 3 stars to this game for now This is very good game but I check and I know that this game has very less missions add more missions And give at least 2 gold after winning a level

This game was very good but I updated it 2 times but new level is not coming So I give 2 star

Game is good graphics are not good and not dress change option ertugul ghazi 2 is also very good.

All levels are so much easy but you increase the of per level gold

Very good game please add more missions ….of season 2 kurulus osman

I love very this game but osman gazi is very weak and it killed very fast please make strong osman gazi in another update

İ love this game very very much make more games like Ottoman War with this type of game play

This game is very good and very nice i like it but one problem. You have missions.You will do this system inside it, we can rest before rest and we can be relaxed anywhere we go on horse.Stay in your clan and enjoy a little there. And go to permissions.If you update this, So i will give you full start. And you also add new missions to it, which Usman Ghazi has done. Thank you. I will wait.

Best game When character Jump with hors the health is dicreesing so correct it

Really its perfect but i cant pass level 33 and i give 5 star for improve the game and i like it , and another thig is that if for each win gave us atleast 2 or more it would be the best game خیلی خوبه فقط بهتر میشد اگر به ازای هر برد حداقل ۲ یا بیشتر سکه میداد و یه رد مرحله هم اگه داشت خیلی بهتر میشد چون من مرحله ۳۳ رو نمیتونم رد کنم And i want to say that if anyone wants to see new version soon he should give a good rate because they let this company upgrade

I like this game very much but it has one problem and that is i need very much potions and very much arrows to defeat balgay and cercutay

Awesome game but it need more chapters

This game is perfect but in new chapters you should give enough golds to buy sword or health potion

Very good game but it should include conversation

It’s great but the graphics should be better

This game is good but I have two requests first is that please increase the number of levels then this game will be more interesting and the second one is that please low the prices of swords and sheilds because we gain only one gold by passing one level and the prices of swords are upto 250 golds and the levels are also upto only 30 so tell me how can we buy these thing or increase the number of golds as prize in each level otherwise all other functions are good I am giving three stars now.

I really love this game and I would love to give five it stars but would you please give more Gold medals. But otherwise the graphics and everything else is good.

It is a very brilliant game and I like everything about it but one small problem we can’t get all the swords and shields and wolf because it is very expensive so can you include daily rewards in the game or give out 10-20 gold per level and also can you include new chapters because season 2 of kurulus osman is almost out please can you include new season 2 chapters.

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