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[Game] Otogi Spirit Agents

Otogi Spirit Agents  Disturbances in people’s emotions create evil energy,
which in turn leads to highly unusual events that defy logic and reason.
Spirit agents are the only ones who can resolve these situations.
They have been working behind the scenes throughout history, and continue to do so in the present.
Spirit agents partner with entities called “spirits,” who have their own independent will…

What the heck kind of spirits are these?
You’ll never see certain gods, legendary weapons, folklore or famous people
in the same light after meeting the lovable spirits
that they inspired!

The prototypical “psycho girlfriend” Kiyo turns into a dragon, while Titania, the Queen of Fairies, goes to Shibuya in pursuit of the latest trends… They and others come together for a fantastic story like none other! Voice acting by Haruka Tomatsu, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Hiro Shimono and Yu Kobayashi makes the adventure even more exciting!

These spirits will have you coming back for more!
Popular Illustrators
Hihara You, Kiya Machi, *zoff, Miyoshino, ATARU, Kenichi Iwamoto and others provide the cute, cool and sometimes even slightly sexy character designs!

Combat uses 3D models to make everything a little more cute! Who would’ve thought such cute spirits could be any cuter? Even handsome, manly spirits look cute! And they all come together for totally wild and crazy battles! Choose your favorite spirits and jump in!

Otogi Spirit Agents user reviews :

So it’s basically the previous game with animations this time, nice!

I miss the old version. This new one sucks, and I greatly dislike the characters 3D designs. And eby would you .ake it impossible to get out of theong intro where all you do is battle? I’ve been trying to click outside of the tutorial just so that I can switch accounts with no success and now I’m stuck, unwillingly, going through an intro storyline I’ve already experienced and at this point don’t care about. The combat is ok, the designs for the cards are ok.

This is a fun game but I wish there was an easier way to get jewels. The free summon rarely gives me any new heroes and keeps giving me 1-2 star heroes. I also wish that there was more variety in skills. I also wish that there was a way to make my chars target a specific enemy rather than someone random but other than that this is a great game

It is a Great and Amazing Game! Recommend it to anyone, only that i am not able to finish monster within the first part of time and get 2 of 3 stars most of the time. Want to find out how to be faster when winning that is all. Great Game in Rest!

Alright! I’ll give you a rundown!!! I like this game for the story! It’s very cute. I love Sola! She’s precious!! I’m new to these kinds of games where you just tap and watch the battle unfold. I say work on touch recognition because it takes a couple of taps to go to a different ui display. Other than that, I believe I’ll have this game for awhile for the story! I love me my story!

I always thought i would eventually write a real review for otogi back when the game was “alive” but i never got around to doing it. Now i dont see much point. I just want to warn people that see this game on the store that the game is not being updated, no new content ever, only reruns of past events. And the devs dont seem like they are putting a lot of effort in the whole rerun thing. Just keep that in mind if you are considering playing it.

the character design and voice are really great. I just have a tiny bit problem with the visual of gameplay… it is cute but some of the character not resemble the picture perfectly (as in different hair color/clothes). Other than that I dont find any issue while playing the game~

Great and fun game for both casual and hardcore players, P2P or F2P. Good rewards system, and have best graphics and artworks. The only downside might be it’s RNG where some players having bad luck on. But good thing is it has a sure get after a certain number of draws (like 35 draws for a 4 star units or 100 draws for a 5 stars units)

Everything I hoped it would be The story is amazing, the card art is lovely, the battle system is fun~ the music is /amazing/ and really manages to pull you in to the game. Overall I am so glad this is finally out here, my only complaint is that we don’t get the events that have happened elsewhere so no Joan of Arc storyline T^T but I will live, especially once I get my hands on Excalibur.

Overall fairly decent localization. Music is with theme and for the most part not bad. Character design is good in my opinion with nice art per card as well as a small back story for each one. Story writing is readable with main characters being fun. Con: User interface is more on the basic side considering all other games of this type. Card abilities are of the more basic variety with ranks being a marginal increase in damage potential and/or range. Not that many games innovate with abilities anyway

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