Overloot – Save the village and rebuild the kingdom

[Game] Overloot – Loot, Merge & Manage your gear!

Overloot  The King of Evil destroyed the peaceful village of Lootopia!

Luckily, the villagers have chosen you, Hero, as a volunteer for this epic quest to battle, save the village and rebuild the kingdom.

But a magic curse is causing all weapons and armor throughout the kingdom to quickly crumble, so it’s no time to be idle! Collect any gear you can grab, merge equipment on the fly, stockpile gold, and attack everything as you run through this fast-paced puzzle RPG. A fun arcade adventure awaits you, good knight! Can you and your sword manage the task of becoming “King of Loot” before everything falls to pieces?



Merge items to upgrade your equipment: Free up space and make awesome armor and mighty swords.
Tap to equip your knight and get ready for epic battles against mighty monsters.
Collect a large range of gear as your knight automatically sallies forth on his quest to hack up fantasy foes.


Manage your inventory grid by choosing the right gear to equip. It’s simple to start, but becomes a puzzle all its own!
Negotiate with the Merchant to sell excess equipment for gold… If you’re sure you won’t need their powers…
Watch out: If your inventory overflows, the Thief will steal some of your precious loot! Merge it and use it before it’s too late!
Over 50 unique pieces of equipment to mix, match and collect. Customize your strategy to hack your way to victory!


Discover over 5 unique worlds with magical creatures: Dark Forest, Snowy Plains, Hot Shot Mountains and more!
Each world has its own rules. You must adapt your strategy to win every run. Being idle means being dead!
Dangerous enemies will attack your board, but it’s up to you to conquer them!
An infinite number of epic levels to battle through: Help your knight to write his own legend!


Upgrade the RPG stats of your hero as you level up. Nobody will be able to stop you!
Rebuild your kingdom as you salvage: Blacksmith, Alchemist, Inn Keeper and Wizard. They’re all here to help you in your quest!
Unlock & upgrade special skills in each building: Upgrade your weapons, buy magical potions, join mighty quests and cast epic spells…

Manage your inventory, merge your gear, customize your hero, upgrade your kingdom, vanquish boss monsters, and restore peace to Lootopia in this unique, fun puzzle RPG adventure!

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Overloot user reviews :

It’s a nice game IMO. There are ads, but they are mainly optional. This on-the-fly inventory management is good, I like the mechanic. The only problem I have is that, I can not access my Hero gear inventory. I’m playing with BlueStacks and the inventory screen is just black And I also worried about that the last update was 2020 dec something…

Its fun for a while, but after level 100, nearly every level will drop bombs, items will get bigger… Just annoying and very hard… Only if you pay will get easier, other than that its fun, but will uninstall the geme for the above reasons…

Well. This game is actually what you see in The ad, and i think thats a really important part(at least these days) . Its a fun game, it wastes some Time if you’ve got too much on your hands, and it actually proposes a pretty hard Challenge compared to The other games you would find on The appstore. 10/10,still playing.

It’s a fun game but the app seems to have been abandoned. It crashes frequently, and there are missing graphics, on top of a balance issue as you go further into the game. That said, it’s a fun time waster and worth a try if you’re the patient type.

It’s a decent game but it has 2 very big problems that I believe cant be over looked and that’s 1 everytime I do a stage and sell my gear it gives me a price but when it says how much money you actually got out of it u dont get nearly as much as the value says, often times you get as much as selling 1 legendary items. The second is that, this might be just me but, the “axes” you get when u reach stage 85 make you overloot way too much because of how awkward they stack.

Fairly fast past puzzle/idle fighting and spatial organization game. Think Tetris but with swords daggers helmets and shields that you merge together and and then equipped it to your character while fighting to make more room. Plus you can move the items around without needing to match them, but everything is happening so fast it barely helps. That’s what makes it such a fun and fast paced game, IMO, why it’s so much fun and addictive :) I highly recommend it if that sounds like fun to you.

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