PAKO Caravan – There are lawns to be mowed

[Game] PAKO Caravan

PAKO Caravan  Build you caravan as long as possible in this new instalment of PAKO series!

Complete missions in colourful and fun levels that have their own little twists. There are lawns to be mowed, teleports to be used, risky jumps, UFOs, laboratory experiments and many other things waiting, all with the classic PAKO gameplay!


Fill the screen with your caravan
Easy and addictive gameplay
15 different levels
Specific cars, tricks and missions in each level
Over 100 missions to complete
Leaderboard competition
Unlock achievements

PAKO Caravan user reviews :

I like this game, it’s a fun take on snake type games, but I’m looking for a relaxed one and this one isn’t a relaxed one, it’s not a super hard or something like that, but to get all the stars on a level it’s not a trivial thing, anyway good one but not for me. (please note that I don’t see any ads)

I love the Pako games, and while Pako Forever was disappointing, this one is a step in the right direction. Every map not only has varying aesthetics but a little idea or gimmick to it which is very cool and creative. A fun, small arcady title.

Beautifully simple game but very addictive. Good campaign with clear goals and the difficulty is perfect. Simple but effective graphics and good driving physics. A well done game that does what it does expertly.

I absolutely loved Pako 2, and at first I was disappointed at how different this game was. But after even a few minutes, I was enthralled. Its basically Snake without a grid crossed with the progression system of an early Tony Hawk game and the art and physics from Pako. An absolute joy to play.

Fun game, simple, maps aren’t great. 4 stars. Leaderboards have lots of room for improvement, I got number 59 in the world on the first map first try so I’m sure you can get up there pretty easy.

Really well made snake game. Casually fun and optimized for narrow screens like the A51. Please make the first car spawn in a random location, not always in the middle, because it makes the gamplay very repetitive.

This game is very advanced version of classic snake game. The interactive environments are amazing and the gameplay is so fun. I always loved Pako and it is nice to see this studio getting better

Awesome. I love it to graphics gameplay mechanics and the controls are very awesome

Fun got some pretty cool levels but if maybe you could change your car on the normal levels and to a different trailer it would be much better

This game is so fun! There are not many bugs or glitches that I know of this game is very solid and addicting love your games Tree Men Gamea!

Lovely game but the jump button went missing and I can’t double tap to jump either.
  • Tree Men Games
  • Please note there is no jump option in the first level car.

Always have loved PAKO games since the first one came out and never did even one of them dissapoint me. One of the best mobile game series ever created. Keep up the good work guys!!!

i think this game is great and doesn’t deserve soo many criticisms, jus as it is in early stages it has some bugs. it retains its ‘pako’ identity, and pls add a mode where cops are chasing u and if the cop hits one of ur cars and not urs then u get an extra car and cop car vanishes…. or if cop car hits urs directly then ur cars are halfed or if u dont have a car u die

I am honestly suprised with why this game has such low star reviews. This game is actually pretty good
  • Tree Men Games
  • Thanks!
Game deserves a better rating and more downloads because it’s so fun, there are a few bugs but its perfectly fine, it’s so fun to play:)
  • Tree Men Games
  • Thanks!

Seriously needs a slower mode. I’m not looking for a drift challenge here, I just want to make a big caravan in this relaxing, cute world. Way too fast to be enjoyable. That aside, I really like the fact it’s in portrait mode. Not many games are nowadays, kudos for this choice at least.

I love this game so much in fact I love all your games.

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