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[Game] Palace Rule

Palace Rule  Game Features

1. Dramatic Plot, Amazing Dubbing
Super enjoy the story of the Qing palace travels through the novel, the emotional interpretation of the world’s cause, if life is just like first sight, ups and downs, watching and playing, the ultimate sultry dubbing, immersive experience, put on headphones and enjoy this moment.

2. Gorgeous Costumes, Be Your Own Designer
Thousands of costumes, hairstyles, makeup, clothing, accessories, socks, shoes, match them as you like. Be the most beautiful girl in the Forbidden City and lead the fashion trend of the Qing Dynasty.

3. Romance in Palace, Lover Development
Despite the indifferent moonlight, characters in palace are sentimental. Dress up to meet lovers, and exchange gifts with each other, as well as your love. Nevertheless, your fate is not in your own hand. Among the four gentlemen in this deep palace, who is your true love?

4. Get Promoted, Seize the Throne of Empress
Step by step, finish dailies to get promoted gradually. How to become the Empress by starting with just a candidate? This is a battlefield for women, do you dare to fight?

5. Train Followers, Form up Your Own Force
Followers from all walks of life can be cultivated and dispatched. Upgrade them to exert their talent in socializing or art, everything is up to you!

6. Companion Pets, Cute and Adorable
Innovative cat house mechanic, come to raise various cute cats, cultivate them to adulthood. Find love for your cats through the whole server, a paradise that cat lovers cannot miss!

7. Manor System, Grow Vegetable and Feed Yourself
Even if you are in the palace, you can experience the manor gameplay! Plant vegetables and harvest them, it would be fun to enjoy a relaxed life like this!Game will be available on 00:00 (utc-5) 11.17

Palace Rule user reviews :

First of, the game is lovely. Beautiful art, addicting gameplay, and lots of social features. I had previously rated this 2 stars due to a payment issue, but customer service actually took care of it! Yay! The only thing that prevents me from rating it 5 stars is a lack of content, and the bad voice acting. Other than that, the game seems to listen to the community, and that’s amazing!

User Interface is a bit messy, too many text too many button. Color scheme is too similar with LOP, some character animation it’s just not clean or sharp. I totally love the intro but the actual game is a bit underwhelming. Overall User Experience is not good, I’m completely lost inside the game even with the help of navigation button. I’d like to see improvement in UI and UX design, please.
  • Young Phoenix Co., Limited
  • Thanks for your review, we will continuously optimize the game to offer a better experience.
Pretty fun so far. Definitely a lot like Legend of the Phoenix except your choices actually matter. I hope more Lovers and costumes will be coming out soon though, and I absolutely love the cats. Maybe adding in like a house or palace decorating system where you could decorate the place you live in and it upgrades everything your rank upgrades. I wrote a previous review on this before but it disappeared so I wrote it again lol
  • Young Phoenix Co., Limited
  • Thanks for your review! We will try best to make it better!
I wish there was an option to turn off the less than subpar English voice acting because it’s really distracting at times. Other than that it’s pretty fun so far. edit: I know I can turn it off but I would like to keep the sound effects too just not the voice acting.
  • Young Phoenix Co., Limited
  • You can turn it off in settings by tapping your avatar!

its a pretty good game so far.. you don’t have to spend money to get a lot of rewards the story reminds me yunxi palace.. I would have perfered Chinese voice acting but I appreciate that they use voice acting to flesh the story out

I love the storyline of this game and it’s easy to go around it compare to other palace game where u have to figure out what to do the only think I don’t like is the fact that you restarted the entire game from the beginning

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