Panda Panda Run – Become the fastest and best Panda Runner

[Game] Panda Panda Run – Panda Runner

Panda Panda Run  Become a Panda Run master at Panda Runner!

Join the world of Panda Panda Run Game and race as a number of updated cute animals from Cat Run and Dog Run as well as the new characters exclusive to Panda Run. Become the fastest and best Panda Runner in this FREE Panda Runner Game for boys and girls of all ages.

Panda Run is downloaded by millions who enjoy our cute Pandas in this Panda Game

Panda Panda Run Key Features

Become a Panda Runner hero in this endless Running Panda Game!
Unlock an increasing number of Panda Runner characters from other pets to humanoid wrestlers and robots.
Level up your score multiplier by upgrading your Panda houses. Unlock them all the become the best super Panda Game
Grab the collectables as you’re Running to unlock chests, in-game boosts and daily rewards like a Dog and Cat.
Race in all sorts of different environments from the busy City streets to runner through time as you head to The Future environment in Panda Run!
Become the best Runner amongst your friends as you race against them for Diamond Tier on the Top Run and High Score leaderboards!
Complete missions as you’re Running and upgrading to earn FREE rewards in this Panda Game!
FREE Updates with new Characters, Environments, Costumes, Houses and many more!
Amazing new updated graphics!

Unlock New Characters!
Unlock a ton of new characters from the new and improved Dog run and Cat run characters to Super Hero Panda Pi and Pizza the Penguin. Unlock them all to have the highest level abilities and longest powerups!

Different Updated Environments in Panda Runner Game!
Get your Running shoes on as you explore different environments which are frequently updated:

Explore the relaxing Park environment and be the best Runner!
Take your Cat Run favourites to The Pirate Islands!
Run through the busy streets in The City environment!
Become a Dog Run hero in The Wild West!
Avoid the robots in The Future environment. Running ahead of the competition!

As well as many more environments for your favourite Panda Game Runner heroes to explore.

Upgrade Your Houses!
Panda Panda Run runner allows you to unlock houses for your characters! As you race you can unlock all sorts of new house upgrades. These increase your score multiplier and help you to become the best Panda Run Runner around.

Complete Missions!
We levelled up our missions runners and added a ton more! Earn FREE premium rewards as you complete the missions in Panda Run. Now with more variety from unlocking specific characters to earning coins in different environments!

Soar To The Skies!
Exclusive to this Panda Game the endless runner! A number of intractable powerups have been added. Collect the Jet Pack or earn Double Coins and Score to boost your Runner statistics. You can even use your super powers to soar to the skies with the new flying power up and earn loads more coins!

Compete Against Friends!
Reached the highscore? Check again, your friends may have beaten you. The excitement in this Panda Game grows as you can choose to add your Runner friends from Facebook to race against in Panda Panda Run!

The Most Fun Endless Runner is Panda Panda Run!
We’ve concocted a collection of the greatest Running features and added more heroic, exciting and entertaining ones to make sure we provide the most enjoyable endless Runner experience possible!

Download Panda Panda Run for FREE today and get started before all of your friends beat your Panda Run runner scores!

About Green Tea
Green Tea Games are a studio dedicated to delivering high quality, fun games experience to people all around the world. Meet our fun characters such as Panda Pi today!

Come and enjoy this amazingly fun Panda Run today and become the best runner out there.

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Panda Panda Run user reviews :

These game is very good a really appreciate to play this game .my small brother is very happy and fun to play this one game.its a very nice game i really thimk that you all download this game and play and rate this one game #panda #pandagame #panda panda Run From the greetings shreya

I would have given 0 stars to this game if I could say you about this game in 0 stars only I could not understand that after some time it just stop running.
  • Green Tea Games
  • Thanks for playing Panda Panda Run: Panda Running Game 2020! We see that you gave us 1 star and would like to know if you’re having any problems with the game? If you have any suggestions to help us improve, please let us know at support[at] -Green Tea Games
Add Facebook Cloud saving Sign in option. It is quite similar to Talking Tom hero dash and subway surfer but really fun to play. A lot of improvements are needed in this game. Thank you !
  • Green Tea Games
  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

This game as has best graphics and characters and there is a problem that diamond for not getting proper and box you can change this little more please I want to tell another thing you can include more characters

UAKSN January WOOOOAAAAAAAAAW Is not an easy process and how to get it back from you can make a payment and you are going on to do this for us as a few days of the year is not an issue so you will not the

Cool game But can you add some worlds, Like forest, grasslands… (I got no ideas, but you can.)

This game is mostly good.The reason why I rated this 4 star is because of the ugly skins and the weird dance moves.But I will keep playing this game.So that’s my rating.

I like this game very much that is very simple game one problem one by touch the train this game is over this is problem I give the five star my brother is playing very much

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