Parking Jam – Release your car from the traffic jam

[Game] Parking Jam – A Rush Hour Puzzle

Parking Jam  About the game:

Imagine you are driving your red car. It’s Friday afternoon, rush hour, everyone wants to get home as soon as possible. And then you get stuck in a horrible traffic jam and you have to manage all of the other cars to get out of this scenario. But how? It’s your turn to release your car from the traffic jam. The game principle is inspired by a board game called Rush Hour. Also the levels are of Parking Jam are very similar to the levels of Rush Hour.

How to Play?
In this game you can move all the cars back and forth as many times as you want. It does not matter how long you need to solve the levels. Your goal is to unblock the red car from the traffic jam and move it to the exit on the right. The level of difficulty increases slowly during the 50 levels. While the first levels are really easy in order to teach you the principle of the game, the final ones are extremely hard to solve and require a lot of logical thinking.

50 Levels
Increasing difficulty in 5 steps
Modern design
No annoying ads

Only a small banner at the bottom of the screen. So no annoying Fullscreen ads! You can also finish the game completely free. There are no items you must pay for.

What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky puzzle game right now!

From the same developer who brought you other free games like Speed Clicker, MineBoy, Balance, Wrong Way, Just Watch Ad and more!


Developed with by Daniel Hiebeler

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Parking Jam user reviews :

Excellent game! I love games that have an end to it. Gives me a goal haha beautiful game and graphics too. Reminds me so much of a game my mom had when I was younger called Rush Hour
  • daniebeler
  • Thank you very much!

Frustrating yet addictive The ads are not intrusive and the game really gets your brain thinking I would like to see a hint option in return to watching an ad for when i get stuck

If you came for rush hour, you get it and more. the extra 10 levels were difficult, 50 took me the longest but its all certainly possible. Ads are optional, meaning if you want to support the developer you can simply watch one whenever you want, With how unobtrusive this was I had a way better experience than any other free app. Give this a go for sure as I haven’t found any other virtual version of rush hour like this
  • daniebeler
  • Thank you very much!!
Fun game, well designed and really great that there no intrusive ads. The only thing I would say, and I’m slightly bragging here, is that I completed all 50 levels in just a few hours of gameplay over just a day or two. Therefore more levels would be nice. Also weirdly the last 10 levels seemed easier than the earlier levels. In fact for me the most difficult ones were in the 30s. Again great game, I just hope for more levels in the future
  • daniebeler
  • Thank you very much for this great review. At the moment i am working on some other projects but i want to create more levels in the future.
Just a nice gift from an app developer, no forced ads, no incentive for ads(other than to show support), clean simple gameplay. Great to just have on your phone for bored days
  • daniebeler
  • Thank you very much!
Great little game with non-intrusive optional ads. It’s a rare find and it’s really nice!
  • daniebeler
  • Thank you!!!

Great little app, but a few suggestions: Could add some inertia/snapping for the piece moment, maybe incorporate haptic feedback for when it clicks into place. Also, a dark mode would be fantastic. Other than that this is perfect.

It’s refreshing to have a game where the developer’s priority is the enjoyment of the game. Advertisements are optional, which is why I will happily watch some even back to back. This is the closest I’ve seen to a physical copy of Rush Hour. Thank you for your work!

This app is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a simple yet faithful recreation of the Rush Hour game. One thing that stands out are the optional ads that you can choose to watch if you want to support the developer. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for future apps.

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