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[App] Perfect Journal – Diary Towards Goals

Perfect Journal  Perfect Journal app provides a private space for you to feel, think, remember, discover and dream.

It not only helps you keep track of every chunk of your life in a convenient and secure way, also allows you to write, monitor and review your goals of life in an effective way.

Top Reasons You Need Perfect Journal app:
Want to reach your goals by keeping a journal
Want to record every moment of your life privately
Want to have a healthier mind
Want to keep affirmation and gratitude list
Want to define and manage tasks or todo list
Want to keep your special days & events

Key Features of Perfect Journal – Diary Towards Goals

Organize journal entries with beautiful layouts
Plan your goals of life – journal your moments or towards goals
Advanced editor with powerful text formatting, image in lines & keep track history versions
Mood tracker, activity tracker, weather information and location tagging
Task management with Todo list
Attach photos, videos, background music & voice records to your journal
Make unlimited photos & videos as an album
Export & import media files
Hand drawing
Calendar view, highlights of your writings in months
Atlas map
Keep your special days, events & on this day sweet memories
PDF and text export – single entry & multiple entries
Read aloud
Share journal entry to social media
In-app and system notifications
Advanced search & tags
Statistics and beautiful charts of your writing patterns
Reports towards goals
20+ different colors as a background theme
Night theme or Dark mode supported
Affirmations & Quotes to inspire you
PIN lock
Back up on Google Drive or to external files
Restore from previous backups
Automatic backup

Journal Towards Goals
What goals do you want to achieve in your lifetime?

Perfect Journal app allows you to define goals and record your progress. You can even think of it as a self-coaching tool, helping you manage every aspect of your life, from a good health to a financially independent life.
Define, monitor, track & write about your goals
Review achievements monthly

Secure and Private
Your data are stored locally on your device. All calculations are also performed on your device. Your backups are stored on your device or on Google Drive. It is in cloud private space with your Google account and no one can access to your backup files.

Perfect Journal can be a powerful tool to help you on achieving your goals. Live your best life by setting goals, and journal it with our app which will help you to achieve those goals.

Perfect Journal user reviews :

It is a nice app and has all features that you need to keep track of your goals . But the biggest flaw is the back and restore . I tried it , as they said when you restore you cannot restore your media .so really i cannot take a chance my phone dying and loosing all my pics and videos . if they are serious about this app they should find a better way to back up and restore ALL content including media .
  • Technology for Early Education
  • Dear Chad, as mentioning in tutorial, media is not backed up to cloud because size is large, while google supports a limited space. Also, we want to keep our cost is minimum (not using other cloud services). But, you can back up media by exporting them, put on the could, then if any issue with phone, you can restore the text and import media back.
Only issue is that this handles media terribly. I like taking lots if vid entries daily. I wish could keep a vid journal with at least 5 min vid capacity. Back up and restore troubleshooting didn’t work for me. If vids could somehow stay in my entry but not clog up my phone this app would be perfect. I would also be nice to name locations with an option for geo tracking or address search. I seriously love all the other functions.
  • Technology for Early Education
  • Hi Sheeba, the media are now stored in the phone so it does take space – at the moment we will not move media to cloud storage as it will cost much (white we’d like to keep the cost a minimum fee). Thanks for using our app and glad that you love all other features. Please contact us at perfectjournal.teee[at] if you have more recommendations
The app itself is awesome but Everytime I type my keyboard drop and I have to keep opening to type. Like as I’m typing this I’m not having any problem. Thanks in advance. 8/3/21 Thanks for fixing the problem above. I give this app a 5* & great customer service
  • Technology for Early Education
  • Hi, Thanks for reporting an issue – we also noticed the problem and have fixed it in the release (1.4.3), which will be rolled out today – I hope you can update and verify it – if any further issues, please contact us at perfectjournal.teee[at] Thanks a lot.
I had great experience using the app. Perfect Journal app provides a private space for you to feel, think, remember, discover and dream. It not only helps you keep track of every chunk of your life in a convenient and secure way.
  • Technology for Early Education
  • Dear Femi, thank you very much for sharing your valuable & useful feedback. If you have other feedback or suggestions, please write to us at perfectjournal.teee[at] We would love to hear from you!

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