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Perfect World Revolution  Perfect World: Revolution is a fantastic MMORPG with incredible 3D graphics presented in all-new portrait mode.

With the new vertical layout, the game breaks the status quo of two-handed controls, while retaining the classic elements of the original Perfect World, allowing you to easily play the game with a single hand. Welcome back to Perfect World, Seeker!


Face the World With a Single Hand
Enjoy the ease of controlling your character in the game’s new portrait layout. Explore vistas of air, land, and sea with just one hand.

Engage in Fast-Paced and Smooth Gameplay
Experience impeccable graphics and the smoothest controls brought to you by years of technological innovation. Gaze upon realistic lighting and feast your eyes on a visual experience of fantasy, monsters, and thrilling victory on your way to supremacy.

Switch Between 7 Mighty Classes
The three classic races of Human, Untamed, and Winged Elf have returned with seven major classes. The brand-new class switching system allows you to experience all the fun without any unnecessary tediousness.

Game Alongside a Global Community
Enter global servers to join guilds and battle alongside millions of players from across the globe. Wage massive wars in cross-server dungeons and bring glory to your guild!

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For more information on Perfect World: Revolution, please check the official pages and communities below:
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Perfect World Revolution user reviews :

This is just a remake version of the the original game, but played vertical. Kind of disappointing about the vertical game. Hard to move around while attacking monster on quest, etc. I would prefer to play the original version of the game horizontal where it’s easy to move the controls. The artwork is great though I wouldn’t give this game a 4 star. 2 stars, sorry.
  • Perfect World Games
  • Hi seeker, Perfect World: Revolution is presented in all-new portrait mode, and all classic Perfect World content has been redesigned. We are working on optimizing the game to provide players with better gaming experience! Thanks again for playing our game!
Not much different from similar types of games besides vertical mode. What bothers me the most is the first top off bonus is pretty lame. You only get the best items from it for a week or have to spend a lot more money to have them permanently. Kinda of a bait and switch scam to me so I won’t be playing the game much anymore.
  • Perfect World Games
  • Hi thanks for your support :) This is the new trip of our Perfect World, and we are continuously working on game improvement, please stay tuned for the further development
Incredible experience… graphical masterpiece. The portrait play is stunning. Easy to learn and the perfect balance of auto play and you better be paying attention. Nice option of things to do and have not felt pressured into spending money although I am sure I will just to help support the team.
  • Perfect World Games
  • We are glad that have your support! Hope you will keep enjoying it!

A minor issue I’m currently seeing is how the caption for the dialogue gets cut off and isn’t timed with the speech. Maybe instead of full auto on dialogue you can add the option to tap to proceed. One of the major things that takes the fun out of MMOs for me is not being able to follow dialogues and cutscenes. Also, how do I delete a character? Otherwise, I’m enjoying the game because the biggest draw for me is being able to play any game, let alone an MMO, in portrait as opposed landscape.

2 reasons why only 3 stars: – Sense of direction. There’s no way of knowing which way to go to find the NPC/monsters other than auto-path. The map usually has no icons on it. – I never saw the point in these completely idle mmos. There should be a way to totally disable idle functions, as quests move forward or auto-path activates on it’s own a lot. There should be a mode for people who prefer to have absolute persistent control. Character customization is lovely. Very good.

It’s an awesome MmoRpg. This game has mmorpg of the year. All the Perfect World Games needs to do to keep it afloat at all times is to cater to fans wishes with overpriced packs and the Monthly Sales being heavily improved so fans buy buy buy. Then when profit margins grow start bringing some packs down heavy so fans continue to buy. And add some new features and content . New outfits and weapon transmogs Could help also.
  • Perfect World Games
  • We are glad that you love our game! Hope you enjoy and have fun!

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