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[App] Periodically – Track Events & Get Predictions

Periodically    Periodically allows you to track periodic events that repeat after an undetermined number of days, like for example:

Events that repeat periodically but beyond your control.
Things you do from time to time but without a fixed repetition cycle.


The app will predict the dates when your events will happen again. The more occurrences you track, the more accurate the predictions will be.


‘Periodically’ can remind you when an event is about to happen again or when the event is late.


The app will show detailed statistics about your periodic events. This will allow you to see how each event is affecting your life and act accordingly.


‘Periodically’ is still young and for that reason we need your support. If you like it and find it useful please leave us a nice review, it really helps. And if you have any suggestions let us know too, we’d love to hear them!

Thanks a lot!

Periodically user reviews :

I would enjoy being able to have two different lists of things to track on two widgets, but apart from that, I love this app! Great for keeping track of things I don’t so often, like changing all the cat litter or medications on an ‘as needed’ base. Good for symptoms too if you are trying to find a good way to quickly note occurrences and find patterns.
  • TimeTune Studio
  • Hi! Thanks for your suggestion about the widget We’ll evaluate the possibilities for the future
Periodically is nice looking but it doesn’t fit my needs. I was hoping to have more granularity in event tracking beyond whether something happened in a day or not. Specifically, I was hoping I could log events by time and have more precise data. For example, I could have an event with an average of 3 days and 6 hours between occurrences. I could also then log the same event multiple times per day if it was by time. Too bad Periodically isn’t open-source, because I would love to contribute.
  • TimeTune Studio
  • Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback Indeed, Periodically is geared toward events that happen after an indefinite number of days However, the app is still young and we don’t discard other possibilities for the future.

I’ve only been using this for a little while, but this has been a great app so far. I’m using it to track multiple medical issues because I haven’t found another app that will let me do so. When I have an medical problem, I can record the day it happens and see if there are patterns in how often I’m showing symptoms. I’m really liking it!

This app is perfect for anyone who can’t really be motivated by “what I better do now/next” And I’m also that kind of person who can’t even let my own phone tell me what to do (that’s an issue there ) The fact that this app (1) reminds me of the last time I did something, and that (2) it doesn’t (have to) nag me to do it again and again every single day… sparks some kind of fire in me to do what I need to do more and more! I also think the widget is bold and beautiful too! Thanks, dev

This app is beyond amazing! For years i have had sleepless nights and I couldn’t figure out why. Periodically helped me track it down to an every 11 day occurance. Through some strong natural sleep aids I forced my self to sleep, the dreams I had were intense. But here is what I found out, I have had a few traumatic events happen when I followed the 11 day pattern back, grandfather dying was the biggest and a really bad break up being another. I would have never noticed, Thanks Periodically!!
  • TimeTune Studio
  • We are really happy to hear that Periodically helped you We wish you all the best!
Just installed the app. I love your TimeTune app and decided to support this app too, also, I really like the idea about this app. tracking unpredictable event and see whether it will happen again in a period of time or not. like a loop or something. Thats cool.
  • TimeTune Studio
  • Thank you very much for your suport!

This app is amazing. V. simple. Easy to use and analysis data. I will suggest it to others. But i will not purchase it immediately. I will purchase it after some time. When i will be completely satisfied. (Same i did with timetune. First i used it for 6 months them i purchased pro version) Wonderful G wonderful !

Beautiful app. Will you at time of occurrence soon? And after it has time, then maybe we can track an event which occur many times in a day. So, instead of days, we can also track time in the same day.
  • TimeTune Studio
  • Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We will analyze the idea

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