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[App] Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise  Play and have fun in the Pet Paradise!

Customize and create your own virtual pet, build and decorate your home!
Navigate between your rooms! They’re free to decorate with drag & drop!
Dress your pet with a thousand of combinations, feed it and take care of it!
Plant seeds in your garden, let them grow up and harvest fruits!
Go outside and navigate between the shops available in the city!
Buy the most cute items in the shops and collect them!
Visit your friends to interact with their pets and see their homes!
Go fishing and caught the most funny and weird fish in the paradise.
Go dig in the treasure map and get the most rare items!

Have fun sending gifts to your friends!

Available in Spanish, English, 中文, 日本語, Français, Arabic and Bahasa indonesia.

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Pet Paradise user reviews :

Playing because of my Pet Society nostalgia. 4 stars because there is room for improvement. A lot of items the stores need to be bought with money, there’s no preview of clothes, wigs, hair dye, etc on your pet before you buy them, and there’s no sound during fishing that tells you you caught something.

EDIT : OMG i really love the updates! thankyou developer! but sadly there are several errors occured. I bought a package of clothes and the tiara suddenly multiply it self and became 54 pcs. I thought it was a little error. So i just sell the tiara. But then when I bought sushi package, the same thing happened. Also, my first and second room became a same room, idk why?:( I really love this game. I hope developer could fix this really soon. thankyou!

I can’t open the wheel thing, and the mini games are not responding like when you play it, and earn some money, and after that when you go home, nothing happens or changes on your money -_- please fix , I really love this game tho. please make it more like pet society. visit me : bobbieblu

Hello I’ve been playing this game for a few hours barely and I like the idea. It’s a nice little game like pet society and it’s cool. I only have one major problems for this game. -1. Adding friends doesn’t work I am having trouble trying to add my friend because when I put their username when I search it and click on their square it takes me to some other person’s house and it’s specifically them!!! Please if you see this comment creators fix this problem instead of adding updates.

i lovelovelove this game. its the closest one to reminds me of pet society. but the developer seems like unactive with the updates and events in the game i think. and i sent a report on its website because my coins doesnt gain everytime after i played the tiki hop and else. but i havent received any feedback yet, its been couple of days. and please add mystery boxes in the stores pleaseeepleasepleaseee

The recent update results in the game keep on hanging during the transition screen from one room to another room. Not to mention there is alot of bug especially with the friends system. Couldn’t visit certain friends I added for no reason and the game will hang there if I try to visit some friends.

i relly like this game it is fun to collet fish of corse and buy cool stuff form shops its fun to feed and wash your pet and sell stuff its a fun game i relly like this game i love this game

The game is fun and I really like it, but I have a couple of issues. Sometimes when I’ll try to visit a friend the game would crash. It becomes completely unresponsive so I have to forcefully shut it down. The game also crashes if I try to watch an add for extra coins. When I do that it closes on it’s own, so basically I’m thrown out of the game. I hope these issues will be fixed in the future.

I love this game, reminds me of Pet Society. But, Iots of bugs. I hope they will return the old stuff at the stores soon. What is the point of playing the game, if you want to decorate your room you have to go to a forum to trade items with other players?

Ive been adoring this game from the moment I got it. JUST like Pet Society was back in the day, only was extremely disappointed to find there were no Petlings! Just found it they will be in a future update so im pretty stoked!

Awesome updates / items Endless decorating possibilities

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