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[Game] Pictawords – Crossword Puzzle

Pictawords  Pictawords is a totally new type of crossword game where two players play the puzzle together.

Some clues are pictures for extra fun! :)

Pictawords is a turn-based game where two players complete the crossword puzzle together and compete for the highest score. It’s a new take on crossword puzzles too – Scandinavian style! – with clues inside the squares and some clues are pictures.

Each player receives 5 letters at the start of each turn – then you have 60 seconds to place those tiles.
You get points for placing letters correctly, completing words, playing all 5 letters, and fun bonus points tiles.
Think carefully about playing certain letters though – as maybe it’s better to save that crucial letter for later!

Pictawords is a unique twist on word games, and fans of crossword puzzles, Scrabble, and Words with Friends – should find themselves at home – and LOVING this new way to play!
Play with friend, random opponents, or the Pictawords friendly teacher, Sophie, for immediate games.

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Pictawords user reviews :

Good game, I enjoy it – but where are all of the players? I start a ton of games and no one plays back. Just make CPU opponents of varying levels and I would continue playing. Guess I’ll keep playing with Trainer Sophie.

Just dwnloaded the game. Having difficulty playing becuz I don’t fully understand the picture parts of the puzzle. Wanted to CONT practice games but it seems that I’m not able. I click onto the Icon to practice & EVERY SINGLE time the finger Icon tells me, “someone wants to challenge me to a game”. REALLY? While I do LOVE a challenge, I should be able to practice a few or as MANY TIMES before going up against other opponents. ESP since the games are timed. NOT having a good time.

Was fun while it lasted. Seems there is no one real to play against but somehow the opponent always start the conversation but never answers back. It eventually got to where it wouldn’t open and just force close time after time. Guess I will uninstall.

I like the game. Its challenging. Similiar to Kryss. Need more time to process the hints. Keeps freezing in middle of playing opponent. I wait for some to challenge me. It takes time. I don’t like the app freezing in mid challenge.

Good game but forced subscription to get rid of ads? Weak. Should be able to purchase an ad free experience without a recurring fee. If that doesn’t change, will be uninstalling.
  • FunCraft Games
  • Glad you enjoy the game, Chris. We’re working on a feature for precisely that. Thanks for the feedback!

This would be a fun game if it didn’t keep crashing. Work out the bugs, please. It’s absolutely ridiculous that I can’t play two game without the damn app crashing.

Played the game one day then it started crashing when loading to 63%. I uninstalled the game and installed again started working then when I closed it and tried getting back in, it started crashing again.
  • FunCraft Games
  • Thanks for the note, Daisy. And very odd – can you please write us from Settings -> Support? That will give us some more info so we can fix the issue for you. Thanks!
I really like the game but it keeps freezing on me. I had to uninstall and reinstall several times for it to work, but only works for a bit and does it again
  • FunCraft Games
  • Thanks for the note and glad you’re enjoying the game. Can you please write us in settings -> support? That will give us some more info so we can fix it for you
almost positive all opponents are bots, but that’s ok. just means matches don’t last forever waiting for the other player to go.
  • FunCraft Games
  • Glad you like the game, Emily. We’re working on improved matchmaking. Stay tuned!

Love the game but hate that it keeps crashing and having to uninstall it and re-install it after playng about a half dozen rounds!! Please fix this!!

Love the game, however, seems to have several glitches. Won’t load all the time, keeps crashing at 95%. If the game finally opens, click on an open game and it closes out. can’t search for other people by name, screen is just blank.
  • FunCraft Games
  • Thanks for the note, Laurene. Glad you’re enjoying the game. Can you actually write us from within the game’s support (in settings)? We want to fix your issue!

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