Pimsleur – Uniquely focused on conversational language skills

[App] Pimsleur – Learn Conversation Fast – 51 Languages

Pimsleur  Is your goal to ACTUALLY SPEAK a new language?

Millions of people have learned to SPEAK a new language with Pimsleur–the language learning app scientifically proven to work!

Pimsleur is uniquely focused on conversational language skills. We won’t have you matching words and images on a screen to teach you how to actually speak. Guaranteed!

You will learn conversational language learning skills from Day 1. In fact, you will be able to hold your first conversation within 30 minutes!


For 50 years, we’ve been helping people rapidly start speaking a new language in 30 days. And best of all, you can learn to speak Spanish, Japanese, French, and more … while driving, at the gym, or while cooking dinner.

We know you have a hectic schedule so Pimsleur fits into your downtime like no other app. No Internet! No problem with offline mode. Plus the built-in hands-free mode makes it easy to learn a new language anywhere, anytime. Keep those hands on the wheel and get speaking today.

Pimsleur language courses are available for 51 languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Norwegian, Hebrew, Tagalog, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and English.

Pimsleur also integrates beautifully with the Amazon Alexa for working through lessons at home.


Download the app and try a free lesson today in one of 51 languages. Discover why we’ve been in business for 50 years!


“Many people have remarked that they learned to speak another language using the Pimsleur Method, when all their previous efforts failed.” Dr. Carl Beuke, Ph. D., Pyschology Today

“I had the GREATEST SUCCESS with the Pimsleur method…
The grammar and sentence structure seep into your long-term memory.” Justin Peters, Travel + Leisure Magazine

“Time-tested solution” Stephanie Rosenbloom, The New York Times

“Pimsleur … boil[s] down the essential elements of a foreign language so that beginners can acquire basic skills immediately…” Sophia Banay, Forbes.com

“Best Online Language Program Overall” Rolling Stone, Sage Anderson


Enjoy the enhanced continuity of 30-minute Pimsleur conversational lessons you can take anywhere, or do at home with Alexa.

Learn to read your new language – easily, but not at the expense of your goal of speaking the language!

Role-play while reviewing written transcripts of the conversations.

Practice vocabulary and dive deeper into the written language.

Review and practice sentences and phrases by topic.

Relax, have fun, and test your new skills with the Quick Match and Speed Round.

Learning stays on track as your progress is automatically synched across all your mobile devices including Amazon Echo.

Stream or download and listen offline. There are no ads. You listen and learn without interruptions.

*Not all features are available for all languages. For more information or a complete list of languages, please visit our website.

Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, English, Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Farsi, Greek, Tagalog, Norwegian, Thai, Finnish, Czech, and many more.

CA Privacy/Info We Collect:  www.pimsleur.com/c/privacy-policy#CA
Do Not Sell My Personal Information:  ca.privacy.cbs/donotsell

Pimsleur user reviews :

Very easy to learn a new language with this app. You can listen in the car while driving to/from work. That’s all it takes. After 2 weeks you will find yourslef speaking and understanding many many words of the language you chose to learn. A thumbs up for this huge effort to the people who created this!

The actual program is super helpful for learning a language but the app keeps turning off randomly in the middle of the lesson. When it does this it does not hold my progress in that lesson so I have to try to figure out where I was
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Hello, Your problem needs more detailed examination. Please report it to our technical support team at pimsleur[at]simonandschuster.com with device details. We are always looking to help our users.
App closes randomly during lessons, usually around the 20 minute mark. Will also randomly delete downloaded lessons, and notification panel controls will disappear even though a lesson is still playing. Really enjoy the lessons, but wish the app was more reliable.
  • Simon & Schuster
  • To assist with this issue, it would be helpful to have a little bit more information. Can you send along your device details at pimsleur[at]simonandschuster.com? We’ll try and reproduce on your specific device. Thanks.

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