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[Game] Pixel Knights

Pixel Knights  Features

Enjoy different game experience with different characters!
Each Knight of the Round Table has unique powerful skills.
Chase and be chased in the ultimate survival shooting game!
Highest quality Voxel (3D Pixel) graphics!




Pixel Knights user reviews :

A nice balance between kingdom building and a simple rogue shooter ARPG. So far so good

Good concept but gameplay seems very dull. Just run around a shoot. Maybe it gets better in the long run but that’s not how life works. If someone said, “Hey, try this sandwich. It’s delicious by the 12th bite”, I would say, hey fk you. It should be good right from the start. So here’s a suggestion: Start the game with the good stuff to show the player what they have to look forward to. This is just very slow and the only difference is when you get higher levels the duration increases. Not great

This game starts out with a tutorial, but there is ome massive flaw they force you into a character. In my opinion they should have options with begginer classes. But thats not why my reveiw is so low. My biggest problem is the game mechanics. 1. You are forced to stay wirh the begginer character for a long time massively limiting begginer gameplay 2. Time and time again the game shows massive amounts of shoddy programing such as enemies spawning right on top of you. 3(unable to fit here 500ch)
  • mobirix
  • Dear user. First, We apologize for any inconvenience to the game. If you have any questions about the inconvenience you experienced (video, screenshots, etc.), please contact us via [Settings] – [Customer Support] or mobirix.zendesk.com. Thank you.

Please, please improve more, this game has so much untapped potential, jut listen to the more technical reviews people give and update the character system and all that. I really like this game and am currently downloading because of the nostalgia I felt when I saw it again.

Fantastic game. The hearts ticker sucks but the game play is great. Id like to see the combat mechanics in a more open world setting, singleplayer of course. If your into a bit of freetime check the game out.

The game is great but the development of the game for me is still lacking. The characters are needed to buy an equipment if you need to be stronger in the game, and I would totally love the game if there are item drops. It was a great game but I think needs more development upgrade.

Best 3d pixel game Bullcrap. This game is trash, you have no health at all, enemies have too much health, reload takes too long, there are too many enemies, and you do almost no damage.

Bullet hellesue rpg shooter, love it so far, pacing could use some mini bosses more so it’s more engaging, would play more and support via inapp, 4/5 !

This game is awesome,it has amazing graphics,controls,skills,mobs and more.I personally really love the cute art that is made into this!

Game crashes everytime on challenge mode, less then 5 minutes in and the game just closes down making you lose all progress

Great game because i love the 3D look and the story its great i dont now whats wrong with the game its just great

It really great i love it hope the dev will add more characters and more weapons i highly recomend this

this game is so fun i game it its look like a soul kinigth but is 3d

Its good except i cant see my character i die always pls fix this
  • mobirix
  • Dear user. First, We apologize for any inconvenience to the game. If you have any questions about the inconvenience you experienced (video, screenshots, etc.), please contact us via [Settings] – [Customer Support] or mobirix.zendesk.com. Thank you.

Oh yeah..but please update more..pets, clan, pvp, coop/offline coop

Can you pls add multiplayer game with lan hotspot just like soul knight if you do this i will give 5 star but if it not thanks and the game is so good

it’s pretty good, I’ve just started it but its promising, keep it up!

It’s awesome simple yet entertaining

its so fun! to play i recommended it!!!

Best game ever but where is merlin

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