Planes Control – Guide your planes to ensure safe landing

[Game] Planes Control

Planes Control  Take control of the sky and land your planes avoiding collisions and enemies.

Guide your planes to ensure safe landing in this incredibly easy to learn yet surprisingly addictive game!
Get an adrenalin rush while avoiding dangerous collisions, blazing storms and tornadoes, put out forest fire, get ready to repel an attack of enemy fighters and fight off an alien invasion!

Discover what it’s to be an Air Traffic Controller, get control of the Tower, and enjoy an adrenalin rush while avoiding dangerous collisions, blazing storms and tornadoes, put out forest fire, get ready to repel an attack of enemy fighters and fight off an alien invasion!

Can you handle the pressure and keep your air space under control ?


…Planes Control can really be called one of the best plane landing games on the market.
Ask Your Android ( 4.4 / 5 )

…Planes Control is a great game and a really good way to kill some time.
The gameplay does seem simple and easy but gets challenging as the game progresses.
The Apple Google ( 4.8 / 5 )

…Planes Control – A game that defines Chaos ( Rated A )


We care about user experience, that’s why Planes Control don’t show ads while you are playing.


Planes Control is an game with simple controls.
Draw lines with your fingers to determine the path each plane will follow as they find their way to land or to engage the enemy.
This sounds easy? You will need fast fingers and strategy to manage all your planes and keep the sky under control.


You can navigate more than 60 different planes and helicopters including airliners, WWII fighters, jet planes and tilt rotors while playing Planes Control.
Beside this, you will enjoy flying the SR-71 Black Bird (the world’s fastest plane), the Antonov 225 (the largest aircraft in the world to fly multiple times) and famous combat planes like the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, the F-14 Tomcat or the Apache AH-64 combat helicopter.

Planes Control has 13 awesome levels for mobile devices plus 6 new levels full of challenges created for tablets. More levels are on the way.

Earn your wings on a holiday resort, guiding your planes and helicopters.
Aerial combat! Shoot down hostile planes and helicopters over the scorching desert.
Air Tankers: Fight wildfires by dropping water with your planes and helicopters.
Storm Carrier landings: Command your military fighters and helicopters between the clouds and rain.
Navigate canyons in the Arizona’s Desert.
Successfully land your Aircraft during a tornado outbreak.
Night landings: Switch your landing lights on and find your way around the airfield.
Keep an eye on emergency calls and give priority landing to the planes that are running out of fuel.
Avoid cargo planes flying around your air space.
Land your planes in the middle of an alien invasion !

Earn points to unlock new levels !
Planes Control offers a new level to play every day!

Earn new and different achievements in every level and challenge yourself to the limit.

Please sit back, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy taking control of the sky – download Planes Control now!

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Planes Control user reviews :

I like it nothing gone wrong so good and perfect for who like air controls

I originally downloaded a similar game to this on iOS and it was really good – it involved both landing, taxing and taking off. This app focuses on just landing and the fun is taken away because even on the easiest level it is just far too difficult for just casual playing and this takes the fun away. A couple of other reviews seem to mention this and the developers advice using ‘easy’ mode but this is still far too hard unless you really concentrate. It’s a shame because could be very good.
  • Rarepixels
  • Thank you for the review Max! Our game is very simple (yes, i will mention again 3 landing modes) casual game so we have no idea how it could be difficult for anybody at all :( It needs concentration and openess to fun while losing or fun while winning It’s a shame because could be a lot of fun for you

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