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Plus BeatPlus Beat : One Plus 6T is a beast but it lacks a notification LED.

It’s a tedious process to pick your phone up just to check if you have unread notifications. Plus Beat makes use of Ambient Display and generates pulses after regular time intervals. The time interval can be set by the user. The ambient display lits up if there is an unread notification.


Set the time interval for notification loop on ambient display
Per app configurable notifications – Choose apps to display notifications.
Hide or Show Notification content on per app basis – Show or hide notification content on a per-app basis.
Stealth Mode – Hide all the content and show notification in the form of the app icon.
DND Profiles – Add Do Not Disturb timings to pause Plus Beat.
Custom colors for notification icons

Tested on: OnePlus 6/6T/5/5T/3/3T. Not tested on other phones but should work with any phone supporting Ambient Display and wake screen for new notifications. However, only OnePlus 6T is officially supported.


1. Make sure ‘Wake screen when you receive notifications’ is enabled under Settings > Display > Ambient Display.
2. Remove ‘Plus Beat’ from Battery Optimization under Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization. Failing to do so won’t start the app on phone restart, causing malfunction. OnePlus has strict rules, can’t help it. If it shows already ‘Not optimizing’, select optimize and reselect don’t optimize. Restart the device and check if it’s working. If the app doesn’t work, please repeat this process.
3. In Stealth Mode, custom colors are not possible for icons because of the nature of Ambient Display, which can only display in monochrome.

Help me improve the app by suggesting new features and buying me a beer by donating here:

1. PayPal –
2. UPI – vishalaf[at]upi
3. Google Pay – yzvishal.vd@okhdfcbank

Plus Beat user reviews :

Actually better than a built in LED notification light. It uses more battery though.

Love this app even more than a notification light. Only feature that would make it better and worth 5 stars is if you could set for every 5 seconds instead of 10
  • Vishal DubeyDecember 15, 2018
  • Hey, thank you for the support 🙂 Keeping a 5 sec interval will make the screen act like an almost always on display which will drain the battery. Not advisable to do it.

Like it. Would be good to have the ability to have option of a color border around edge of screen to pulse. Also would be nice if we could define where on the screen, top, middle, bottom for the messages

When i am on call, the (phone) notification pulse comes for the whole time period of call. And enable pocket mode. @vishal dubey
  • Vishal DubeyDecember 16, 2018
  • On it! Thanks for the support

Provides what’s missing. Beautifull. It just look Good and does what notification led should do

Highly responsive developer and a great app for the 6T! Great work.

Perfect app. Aptly does the needful. Way to go, dev!!!

Very good app. The dev has done a great job so far and it’s only getting better. The fingerprint showing up when the screen pulses is a little annoying and a couple apps like phone and music apps will show “you have unread messages” instead of what song is playing or who your on the phone with. Pulse intervals are at 10 seconds which is fine but I do wish we could have shorter intervals. Even with some minor criticism, this app runs great and does NOT drain the battery. I’m happy this app exists as it is a great replacement to the notification LED. This app will only get better and I’m sure I will revisit this review in under a month and up the rating to 5 stars. Keep up the great work!
  • Vishal DubeyDecember 13, 2018
  • Hiding fingerprint will require root. You can go in the ‘Selected Apps’ section and select show content for apps where you want to see actual content of app instead of ‘You have unread message’ 🙂 Thank you for the support. Hope the app keeps you happy and you reconsider rating it 5 stars!
OnePlus 6T. Enabled Ambient display per instructions, as well as removed battery optimization for the app. No pulse. @Dev, any idea? Edit: After phone reboot, it started to work.
  • Vishal DubeyDecember 14, 2018
  • Did you enable the switch for ‘Enable Plus Beat’ option in the app? Please reconsider rating the app if your issue is resolved
Great app! Would be awesome if I could add a larger interval (minutes instead of seconds). And if the “do not disturb” could have been linked to the systems DND.
  • Vishal DubeyDecember 14, 2018
  • It’s getting linked in the upcoming update

A brilliant full feature replacement to the failed lack of LED notification on OnePlus 6t

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