Polyrhythm – Help you master polyrhythms

[App] Polyrhythm – Poly Metronome / Rhythm Trainer

Polyrhythm  Polyrhythm – Rhythm Trainer is designed to help you master polyrhythms.

Core Features:

An easy to use polyrhythm metronome.
The app allows you to select various types of polyrhythms.
The playback is accompanied by a visual representation of the rhythm you have selected.
You also have the ability to turn on/off specific beats to help you practice syncopated rhythms.
Use the “TAP” button to quickly change tempo.

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Polyrhythm user reviews :

Absolutely fantastic. Graphics are clean, sounds are nice to listen to, and it’s intuitive. I would like if this had more features, like subdivisions or maybe different visualizations. Maybe even more than 2 rhythms at once. I could come up with more ideas, like different sounds or even polymeters but I should stop being the ideas guy now. Great, simple (maybe a little too simple), to the point, and not pretentiously simple like that other polyrhythm app with horrible design.

Potentially a great app that I would pay for, if only there were more sounds to choose from! The existing two sounds are so similar that the polyrhythm “feel” is lost, especially at faster tempos. Please add more sounds, a clave at the very least!

Not bad so far. I think my phone has audio latency issues. No latency adjuster to compensate for borked hardware & driver and can’t change the clicks to anything other than bassdrum and share. Apart from that, it is accurate and easy to use.

Itd be a whole lot better if you can change the sound of the rhythms and if you can add more than two polyrhythms.

Looks cheap and totally lacking but it couldn’t totally be more the opposite given its inexpensive and simple purpose. In a way, it kind of pisses me off because it makes me think, REEEally think, about just how much of an insanely better drummer I, without a single shred of doubt, KNOW i’d be today if I had access to this 20 years ago. It’s already one of my top 5 fav apps!

It’s simple and straight forward but does what you need it to. Goes all the way up to 13:12 if you were insane enough to want to learn that. Could use a few settings like panning of the instruments, maybe choice of different ones, but the kick, snare and click is a decent enough sound combo to not be distracting.
  • Autumn Rock Software Development
  • Noted. Thank you for the feedback!

Very simple and effective, no bloat, does exactly what it claims to. Only thing I’d like is the ability to “drag” the tempo up or down rather than typing in a new value every time, to make it a little easier to make slight adjustments to tempo.

I like it although I wish it would allow you to have ability to change sounds and add the actual time into the mix?? Its one thing to feel the rhythm its another thing to be able to count it out in real time. Still its really cool

Doesn’t support multi-measure polyrhythms which kind of defeats the purpose for me. Also, places a max limit on the meter at 13. Personally I want to do something like compound 9+8 time (which is 17). But for a free app I can’t really complain too much.
  • Autumn Rock Software Development
  • Hi there. Keeping the app simple was a conscious design decision we made on our side. Adding the multi-measures support would benifit a handful expert users but it would also make the app unnecessarily complicated for others. If you are working with truly complicated materials consider using a notation software.

Does exactly what it says and nothing more which is so refreshing when every other metronome app is trying to cram every feature imaginable into a metronome app. This does just what it needs to and it is perfect in its simplicity.

Great app. By the way, it will be perfect if you can add the counting or the way to measure the space between each note. I don’t like the way that I have to “feel” it instead of measure or count it.
  • Autumn Rock Software Development
  • Thanks for the feedback.

Really cool! I bought it to support you guys. But why no possibility of changing the sounds?? A kick and a snare gets quickly annoying… Let me know if there is a way around.

You guys made a fantastic tool! I wonder if there’s a vst version, in order to use it in a daw. That would be sooo helpful to musicians keep every aspect of a song in time while producing.
  • Autumn Rock Software Development
  • Thanks for the feedback!
Great App.! You could add an option to mute one channel while the other is playing. That would be very helpful for the practice. Thanks much
  • Autumn Rock Software Development
  • Noted. Thank you for the feedback!

This app is very quiet, compared to other sound sources on my phone. The metronome samples seem to be recorded at very low volume.

Awesome, does exactly what it says. Only comment might be allowing for more than two voices, but it’s still great

It’s a special piece. I didn’t think I’d find one. I’m glad there are developers who will remember that. The 5 stars and thanks are the least for this!
  • Autumn Rock Software Development
  • Thank you so much for your support!

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