Pop Cubes – Win weekly tournament

[Game] Pop Cubes – Toy Match 3 & Blast

Pop Cubes  Once you pop, you can’t stop! The most popular classic Pop game in Pop Puzzle Quest style!

Simple Magic Pop gives addictive and fun pop game experience!

Features of Puzzle Quest:

New Block style – 5 Styles of blocks.
Save & Load your poker games scenario.
Poker graphics design, 5 pop color.
One minute block puzzle pop games to collect chips.
Pop stars to score.
10*10 board block puzzle.

How to Play Puzzle Quest:

Just tap two or more blocks of the same color on 1010! board.
There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage.
Magic-poker can help you to change the color of a block during playing.

Tips on Scoring Pop games:

The more blocks you pop, the more score you will get in Puzzle Quest.
Try to pop all blocks on 10×10 puzzle game, you will get a lot of bonus.

Time Mode of Puzzle Quest:

Play block puzzle and collect chips on 10×10 puzzle game.
Redeem coins with chips.
Win weekly tournament pop games prizes, the first 20 get prizes.
Play with Facebook friends.

Join 300+ million pop cube players in this board 1010! block puzzle pop game!
Please let us know if you have any question about this block puzzle game: poppoker[at]linkdesks.com

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Pop Cubes user reviews :

Have used this for years on Windows format and happy to find it her on android. A good straight forward logic game without glitches!

Not bombarded with ads! Match colored cubes by clicking on them. Try to leave as few cubes as possible. Untimed.

I like it alot. I’m enjoying it as we speak.

Ben playing this for some years and it just gets better each time. A constant challenge to beat ur high score. Thinking like a chess play and a little patience and most puzzles can be deduced to zero. When that happens you get the full bonus. U must leave ten or less to get any part of the bonus. Idk, it’s one of my favorite pastimes

good game. I like very much. Why now since long time can’t able to connect to internet for this game, could you help.

I love this game. Why i put 4 stars? When u reach level 9 is unposible to reach it says u dont reach the target and it sends u to level1. And because it says i am not connected to a wifi network but i am. So i cannot have the daily reward. :( This game is so adictive and easy! I play with my grandma. I love this game and i hope to fix the problems… I dont recomand to instal this game.

I’m not a big fan of video games or phone games, but I really like this one, challenging and helps with my OCD and anxiety when I have an episode, I can focus on this and it helps me redirect the negative and channel all that into something non destructive.

I played this game for many years especially when I was on a Windows platform. Could not get the game back for a long time and was thrilled when it was in Google play. I still love it. It can be very challenging but with a lot of self-gratification

This used to be my favorite game but it no longer awards coins in a daily bonus. It fails attempting to connect to the internet. Once I deplete the coins I have saved I will no longer play it.

I love that I can turn off the music, the sound, and the hints. Good way to ease my mind into a pleasant blur.

i love this game and I can recommend it to friends and loved ones. it plays on my windows and my android. Link Desk. Kepp the colors flying.

This game is different than other cube-matching games. The goal is to clear all blocks from the field with the highest points possible. Love it!

No matter what you do when you get to stage 9 it’s impossible to get further it says not reached target and takes you back to level one it impossible to clear like that

Love this game!! Just wish you could hurry up and add more puzzles. Please add more.

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