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[Game] PORORO World – AR Playground

AR Playground  If you’ve met Pororo only on TV and YouTube, now is your chance to discover the Pororo world that unravels in your hands!
Anytime, anywhere! Whenever you want! You can meet with Pororo friends in the Pororo World!

A free Pororo game that’s fun and easy to play, “PORORO World – AR Playground”!
Discover your Pororo friends, Pororo, Crong, Loopy, Eddy, Poby, Petty and many more.
Animate Pororo and friends, and create new stories.
Play with Pororo and friends in 15 different themes from Hiking to Claw Machine to Playing in the Sea.
Pororo is traveling around the town, riding Tayo! Your dreams will come true in Pororo World!

A playground coming into life with augmented reality, PORORO World – Playground AR
Do you wish to meet with Pororo and friends in a more realistic way?
Aim the camera at the floor. Pororo House, the home for Pororo and friends will spread before your eyes!
Animated playground games in AR Pororo House can only be enjoyed with PORORO World!

The one and only story you will create with Pororo, PORORO Sticker AR
Take still pictures or videos with Pororo friends and make memories to cherish!
You can later look up pictures of yourself, Pororo and friends, dancing and laughing, in the Gallery!

Please read the following before your play PORORO World!
1. Premium themes (paid contents) provide a 15-second preview before purchase.
2. Due to the characteristics of products, In-app Purchases do not offer cancellation of payment.
3. You have the option of a refund for a defect (content or system defect) of a product you purchased through In-app Purchase.
We ask for your understanding that no refund will be provided for change of mind, payment by the minor without the consent of the guardian, lack of awareness to paid contents, and switching of devices.
4. Smooth operation of AR contents requires devices that support AR Core.
5. You can still play all paid / free contents on devices that do not support AR Core.

– Essential Access Authority
Camera: Access to the device’s camera is required to take pictures and videos.
Audio: Access to the device’s microphone is required to record voice in videos.
Storage: Access to the device’s storage is required to store pictures and videos taken.

Please send your inquiries about refund and other matters to the email address below!


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PORORO World user reviews :

At first the game was boring, but now the game is awesome I love it now. I love that you have different kinds of games to play there aren’t much games like this one but I know one game that is like this one it,s called Peppa pig theme park and I love it but this one is better.
  • Anipen Inc.
  • “Hi , thanks for your wonderful review of our app, we’re thrilled you’re enjoying it so far! Please drop us a line if you have any questions or requests: : mail support[at]anipen.com Thank you!
this is a cool game this was my favorite game when i was a kid good for kids to learn but the ads are not but its ok
  • Anipen Inc
  • Hi , thanks for your wonderful review of our app, we’re thrilled you’re enjoying it so far! Please drop us a line if you have any questions or requests: : mail support[at]anipen.com Thank you!
What is wrong with the ads in the bottom of the app. Ive already bought some playground but still there is app. Devs team if you notice, pls fix this, some of your ads are not appropriate for children
  • Anipen Inc.
  • Hello, member! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you to use: (.. We are unable to confirm your information with only a review regarding payment. Even if it is hassle, please leave your contact information via email at support[at]anipen.com and we will promise you a quick response! Thank you
Where is Loopy’s tail? The app is fun regardless. Maybe consider adding the Seasons 1-2 character designs and content from the movies and specials for completeness. And add ghost Pororo. You can never have enough ghost Pororo…
  • Anipen Inc.
  • Hello, Thank you again for your support and interest in Pororo World! I’ll send it to the relevant department and reflect it to the good side ~ (ღ’ᴗ’ღ) If you have additional questions, please send an email to support[at]anipen.com or call 031-753-0121. Thank you

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