Primitive Brothers – Hunt dinosaurs and primitive creatures

[Game] Primitive Brothers – Endless Evolution

Primitive Brothers  Why did dinosaurs go extinct?

Because there were primitive brothers who constantly battle with dinosaurs

Master Of Tanker, Club Brother!
Legendary Archer, Bow Brother!
Master of Throwing, Spear Brother!
Master of Accuracy, Slingshot Brother!
Incarnation of Destruction, Hand Ax Brother!

An immersive Idle Tap clicker RPG experience for all.

Join the adventure and tap tap tap to win!

Game Features

Hunt dinosaurs and primitive creatures!
Claim weapons through hunting and nurture brothers!

Complete a picture of hundreds of dinosaurs and primitive creatures!
Hundreds of dinosaurs and primitive creatures
Hunt the Rampage Tyrex and register it in the Book.

Various weapons and Accessoies!
Claim higher grade equipment through compose!
Club, Shield, Bow, Arrow, Spear, Dumbbell, Sling Shot, Stone, Hand Ax, Staff!
Many types and grades of equipment

Raise Totems!
Cultivate various totems!

Enjoy the 5: 5 primitive battles
Guaranteed fun with the new 5: 5 primitive Battle!

Conquer thousands of dungeons!
Suppression Dungeon, Brother’s Tower, Flower Dungeon, Stone Dungeon and terrible dungeons!

Play without paying with various events!
Countless events guaranteed!

Life is one shot! Slot Machine!
Get the best weapons with a slot machine!
Use coin to spin slot machine.
coins are paid daily free!

Make your girlfriend!
Eternal love …

Strengthen your body and mind!
Training through muscle strengthening and mental strengthening!

Let’s grow into the best stone age village!

Valuable reviews left by users will be a great strength for developers ^^

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Primitive Brothers user reviews :

It’s a very fun clicker/idle game. There’s a lot of stuff to do and the rewards are very good. I like the pull system with the chests and upgrading it everytime you spend gems on it. The only issue I have with this game is it keeps on shutting down. Ill play for like 30 mins and then it hangs then crashes. There’s also the thing with the loading that takes too long. Very annoying, I hope you guys can fix whatever it is because this is such a great and unique game.

Good tap tap game, still new with the game. 3star with reasons of: 1. Keeps crashing every 15-30mins in the game. 2. Loading/waiting time is long. 3. Ads helps a lot but it takes time to load then some times the rewards are not provided even after watching the ads. Hope this helps devs.,.

Actually it deserves a 5 star because of its creativity of the game. It is very awesome, especially the intro i love it haha. The only problem ruining my gaming experience is it takes too long to open the game, when transitioning inside the game it takes too long, it would recieve a 5 star from me if it is fixed.

The programming is horrible, takes a whole 5 minutes only to get you into the game every time you start it. Then you have to restart the app every 20 minutes because of app freeze.

I like the game but I was wondering if there could be a prestige system to help get stronger. I feel like it gets very difficult to get stronger as the prices get really high. If you could add a prestige system that could help by giving a special currency to get special upgrades to make it easier, I feel like the game would be a bit better.

It is a great game but I think that there should be more levels to beat the bad thing is almost everything you have to pay for the good thing is loading is fast.

Great game but accessory upgrades are so broken. 66.7% chance that fails all the time. Seems like there is a better chance for a 3% muscle enhance. There should be a greater chance of success after each fail….it’s so painful.

Used to play this game all of the time and it was great but now coming back to the game it wont fully load without kicking me off and i’ve reinstalled it already and had the same issue

Its a good game and addicting but the loading time takes 5 minutes and sometimes theres notification that asking me to quit and i press cancel but it wont allow i click it a hundread damn time but nothing happen

Good game. My only issue is when you do choose to watch an ad for a bonus, the game most of the time will crash. And when you finally load back into the game. You never received that bonus.

Really good game the only thing wrong with it is that it always randomly kicks me of sometimes I can’t even get to play the game plz fix this

Thank you for making this game is so fun but I gave it a 4 because there should be like other people around the world online should play with each other and yeah so that’s I leave at 4 and I love it because there’s dinosaurs that’s my favorite thing so thank you.

Its a fun idle game that you can play to pass the time. My only problem right now is ads dont work for me so I cant get any rewards that require watching a ad. Im playing on bluestacks 4 64bit version

This game is glorious fun. It’s not shy to give you free Premium Currency either.. never spend a dime yet and I’m still progressing well!

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