Princess Tale – Help a princess and save the World

[Game] Princess Tale

Princess Tale  Way too cutesy!!

Enjoy beautiful illustrations and cutie characters!

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New Player-Care System and Reward!
16,900 Gem will be provided for 7 days for New Player! (2700 Gem per Day)
Experience another level of the New Player-Care System!

Various expressions character!
The character will show various expressions during the battle.
Experience vivid expression and illustration!

Simple “One-Finger Control” game!
Modernized IDEL system – Auto skill casting, Auto hunting, Auto collecting.
Your character never stops growing! No need for 24 hours caring.
Let them be stronger day and night!

Combinational Level Sharing System!
The best option for Leveling and promoting all characters!
Pick a character, do level sharing and make your combination with fewer efforts!

Simple but a little tactic fight!
The battle all about the same but you can make a difference with formation, skills, equipment, and character combination!
Prove your strength in PVP!

You will save this world!
Please help a princess and save the World, Misugarudo!

Princess Tale user reviews :

Charming aesthetic design, however there are problems too big to ignore. Battle AI is terrible. Instead of finishing off weakened opponents, your units may suddenly decide to switch to another or just wonder around aimlessly. At higher levels, the enemies ‘strategy’ relies on nothing more than heal+evasion spam to wait out the win timer, coupled with charm spam for good measure. Also, it crashes. Alot. Please address these problems Devs as this game has good potential. Cheers

Add SKIP FUNCTION TO TOWER its soo tedious.Good game if you want to just play 5mins at a time, progress slows rapidly later on. Thanks for adding costumes.. oh wait you expect over £10 for one costume and there is no way to get them. Slowly losing interest in this game.. Also changing the drop rate from 6 slimes to 5 isn’t enough just get rid of slimes altogether or have a max of 3 drop out of 10 they also shouldn’t be slimes in elemental summon.

This game is pretty addicting to play and have been playing it for maybe a month now. It’s fair enough for me, a F2P player to get the things that I wanted. I didn’t get it to five stars it’s because the game sometimes crashes and it also lags. I hope the devs can fix it soon! (Tip: Patience is key!)

This is amazing! Like I had some elites and stuff but I want some trading.. Also why is it hard to find elites, dark elites and light elites.. Idk why but creator please comment too! Also I like this game, please add more elements bc I almost got all the heros in the game elements like love, tears and artistic eyes like rainbow! Also forgot to say.. ADD PETS! ITS CUTE!!

Although being an OG on afk arena i have to say, this game is alot better that afk. There are more events, daily rewards, and free stuff obviously you need to grind, but isn’t the point of the game to keep you entertained (and earn money)

Literally AFK Arena but a lot worse. As a F2P player, iz is SUPER hard to progress. Idk, its the same as other gatcha games but a lot less rewards in comparison, and barely any events or things to do

You can progress fairly well as f2p. Just keep up with dailies and you’ll keep going along in good pace. I suggest looking for the discord if you’re having issues progressing, the people there are helpful in keeping you on a good track.

The characters was cute, the voices too but it always log out itself from game. I think it will be fix soon.

Decent for what it is, (AFK Gacha very similar to Girl X Battle 2) however it does not offer anything innovative.

The art is really cute and it is very good to new players. You get tons of free things when you just start! It is pretty fun to play. Update: I spent like 10 million gold on equipment it said I needed and it turned out I didn’t. I used it to upgrade something else and I lost 400k gold and the other peice of equipment without it upgrading. It doesn’t make me want to quit but I am a little sad about it because I lost things. I’m still keeping my review at 5 stars cause I do like playing.

I love this game (⊙_◎), its very simple and F2P Friendly !!! The UI also easy to understand

I like it. It’s a decent bit of fun and I like that it doesn’t really turn into a grind like most games similar to this.

A great F2P friendly game with cute girls. No grinding needed. Amounts of gem and drop rate are generous.

This game is great! You can spending your time even in work or do something else. The character’s design are so beautiful and cool with talented voice actors. You can also join guild! It’s not just need power for win the stage, but also need a strategy. I enjoy it and still play (almost 1 month). (minus) Sometime the chat system is can’t use. It happens to me often. So, I have a problem to contact my friends in game. I already contact GM, and already get answer. But the bug is still there.

UI is clean and easy to read, gameplay is simple yet addictive and super f2p friendly. My only complaint is that you don’t get your items worth from spending IRL money. Even after cutting the price in half, almost everything is still considered expensive. I don’t really suggest spending money, but if you ever decide to, I suggest the Growth package (51,300 gems) and Monthly Premium pass (18980 gems) as they’re probably the most value out of everything. Other than that, it’s an amazing game.

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