Priorities – The most effective to-do app

[App] Priorities – the most effective to-do list

Priorities    Priorities is the most effective to-do app you’ll ever need.

This method is used by famous investors and business people. If they can get by their schedule with this simple method for getting things done, we should be able to do it as well.

See, the productivity novices over-organize their tasks. They label everything, categorize everything, color code everything, mark items as favorites, bookmark, create well-structured folders, keep everything neat and tidy in multiple lists. The result? They never look at those tasks again.

“Priorities” changes that. Every day, you mindfully choose to focus on 3 to 5 most impactful tasks that will help you reach your goals. Then execute like crazy and actually do them.

Repeat this for long enough, you’ll become as effective as one can be, and be happy that you didn’t procrastinate by organizing tasks.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.

Priorities user reviews :

Honestly think you should update the photos because I didn’t realise how GOOD this app is! So glad I decided to try it as there is not many that does the same as this. It has 3 priorities in bold, a backlog where you can just write any tasks as they crop up and then you can assign those to today (up to 7 in total on today I think) They aren’t bold so you can see the priority and can reorder , the top 3 will always be bold. Only things I would add is a notes section and some sorta daily review!

If someone combined this approach to daily lists with the power of MS To Do, that would be the perfect task app. If you’re just looking for a simple daily list, this is the best one, and the periodic daily reminders are a very nice touch

I love this app. I just have the basic free version So I dont know whats available with the premiume version but this app helps me S0000 much with focusing my attention on one thing at a time every night before bed I go through my day marking off things I have finished or editing tasks to keep track of where I left off. The fast that it asks you to prioritize3 things is ni ce but it would be super Amazing if it offered an option to block all other tasks from view and show you one at a time,

It’s a good app, and that’s my problem. Rich UI, simple, and effective–equally ad effective as all the other apps I’ve tried. I thought I was going to be getting some fabulous experience that cannot be found elsewhere. However, I’ve seen it everywhere, in many cases done better. My issue with this app ultimately is that it was very underwhelming. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but I was expecting at least great.

Simple and awesome design, great font, not overcomplicated, just what I needed! Great work! Would love to see some multi device support in the future so I can open it on my laptop!

I thought this app would remind you daily what is your priorities. Also I would recommend that it could be seen on locks seen for more effectivity.

Awesome app very minimalistic just missing a widget feature if the dev can add it it will be a 5 star for me.

So fast and simple! 100% Works so well with the Goals app in the app suite. Download them Both!

It isn’t good like no offense but it’s just adding tasks and getting reminders Would be great if >Light and dark theme >Routine mode tasks >Have better visuals >Have a widget so we don’t need to go to the app. And etc also it would have been good if your sister app and this app were combined. In the other app too but I hope new upadates come with making both of these apps better. You guys can do good. You devolopers are really good at making apps but the thing is,You don’t put necessary features

After trying and failing to be super productive using Pomodoro timers and whatnot, this is the only thing that ultimately works! In addition, it’s completely FREE!!! Thanks a lot for this app, sir!Just a feedback – the history isn’t really necessary or useful.

Clear and simple. Very annoying how the history can not be edited if you had screen free time and did not input your first! New users may find there are too few instructions or that an overview is missing to help explain the app’s best use but I think it is worth perseverance.

Such a healthy way too organize your to do lists. Can be used for simple daily habit reminders all the way up to long term projects. Would recommend in conjuction with its sister app (goals)

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