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Project Battle  Dear Wanderers,

Pleased to make your acquaintance, allow me to introduce our game, Project : Battle.

Project:Battle (Alpha Test) is a sandbox competitive mobile game. It combines many elements such as survival action, fierce gunfights, fast-paced building, tactical camouflage and exploration. It will deliver a completely new gaming experience. The game takes place in the not so distant future, where, due to the technological development of mind cells, humanity has opened up another dimension – the quantum virtual world. In this new world, a series of events between justice and evil, conservatism and radicalism has erupted. Which path will you choose?

In the quantum virtual world, you can become the leader of the Wanderers Celestial, who represents justice and order. Or become Zero, who is the No.1 cyber hunter. Then jump into vivid, well-developed interwoven stories that are filled with fresh and distinctive characters.

Our heroes of this new world possess an absolute superpower, the ability to manipulate Quantum Cube energy into various structures. Create a 12-meter-high watchtower to provide protection and a tactical advantage, set up traps to freeze enemies, forge radars to detect your enemy whereabouts and more. Everything is under your control. Quantum Cube energy can easily be obtained in the quantum virtual world by breaking down various objects found on the battleground, such as refrigerators, street lamps, fences, etc.

I hope that Project : Battle can bring you a completely new experience. However, as it is currently in the alpha testing phase, the game is far from perfect. If you encounter any problems while exploring this virtual world, such as unexpected errors or crashes during gameplay or if you have any suggestions to improve the gaming experience, please let me know. You can contact the team by hitting Feedback in the game. I very much appreciate your understanding and support. Your enthusiasm and love for the game will be the source of the team’s continued efforts.

Finally, I’d like to express my sincerest thanks again to you for participating in this test and supporting the game. Thank you!


User Reviews :

I’ve been playing this game for the part 2years, the challenges I’m having with my game is i can’t download the Expansion! It is saying Insuficient memory but i have enough memory on my phone i also have memory card on my phone, i can’t play any anything on CyberHunter….. what should i do to stop this?

I have problem with the game now the characters more speed than before and i can’t play normally please fix this bug for me

I really enjoy this game and shooting your target must be pretty accurate, I love how you can glide in the air and use sheilds to protect you. This game does not lag at all, BUT I don’t know if this game is safe for you phone because recently when I play classic mode on battle royale my phone randomly turns off. I don’t know why but it ONLY happens when I play the game and this makes me loose progress. I often thought I was getting hacked. But I do really enjoy this game.

None of it is boring. I promise! The graphics and game play are amazing. It’s taking mobile battle Royale gaming to the next level. The theme is intense pulling you into the game. I love that you can climb and glide. I like how it contributes a unique style of building. It’d be cool if the character could shoot while gliding. Other than that, this game is perfect and will only continue getting better.

Cyber Hunter is a pretty fresh new experience if you are coming from PUBGM. What I like most is how they brought mechanics that helped keep the pace fast and exciting. Building, climbing, and gliding adds a nice vertical dyanmic to the game and the map was designed with verticality in mind. Only con I encountered so far is pressing the right Fire button messes up when you are also turning the camera at the same time. (Left fire button is fine while turning) I like this game.

Excellent game. Good graphic and simple control but need to fix the game. It crashes many times and one thing it happen with me that I can’t pick any weapons or equipment during gameplay and it happen many time I mean 5-6 times. So it needs many bug fixes. But I know this a beta version and I expect it’s original version is lag/bug free game.

Last Update September 24, 2021 :

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