Prom Queen – Get ready for the big night

[Game] Prom Queen – Date, Love & Dance

Prom Queen  The cutest boy in school has asked you to be his prom date, and you JUST. CAN’T. WAIT!

Start planning – you’ve gotta find the perfect prom dress and get ready for the big night! Will you and your cute boyfriend be chosen as Prom Queen and King?!

The most special event of the year has arrived – school prom! Let’s start preparing – you’ve got a ton to do! From getting a full makeover, to having your hair styled like a prom star, to choosing a magical dress, you’ve got no time to waste! Choose what you want your grand entrance to be like on the red carpet! Choreograph your own amazing prom dance! Dress up your boyfriend in a cool tux! We’ve got a feeling you both will be voted Prom Queen and King!


It’s almost school prom! Get a killer makeover and feel like the prettiest Prom Queen there ever was!
Don’t forget about a manicure! Choose a beautiful nail polish color and accessorize your hand in sparkly rings and bracelets!
Complete your look with an amazing hairstyle! Will you leave your hair down or go for a classy updo?
Now for your dreamy boyfriend – dress him up in a fab prom tux! He’ll look handsomer than ever!
Getting a little nervous for prom night? Relax and pamper yourself at the spa!
Prom night is finally here! Your handsome boyfriend has arrived at your door with the corsage!
Time to make a grand entrance at the prom! Choose your favorite mode of transportation – will you ride a horse down the red carpet? Or a magical carriage? A VIP limo? Fly in on a helicopter?
You’ve always dreamed of being elected Prom Queen and King! Now’s your chance!
Be the talk of the town – show up on the School Gossip channel, like a true celeb!
The dance hall looks absolutely amazing – because YOU designed it! Which music will you choose? What kind of lighting do you want? So many choices!
Choreograph your very own dance, and show off all your new dance moves on the dance floor! Dance the night away with your boyfriend.
You can even watch videos of your dance, to see how you and your boyfriend did!

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Prom Queen user reviews :

I like Coco games cause they are lively but the problem is that everything is locked in the game and that’s not good

This is a very nice and exciting game. I enjoy a lot playing this game but the problem is that we play games for amusement and fun not for paying money. Almost every exciting part of makeover like hair salon, spa, cover shoot , etc are locked .

It’s your mobiles problem not a game becouse I play this and I have no ad so please behave your self! This game was veryyyyyyyyyyy amazing! God I love this game I love it! I know you have no any shop but you have a more shops like dresses shop makeup shop dance hall shop so enjoy egnore the others locked shop and ads and play the game. This game is fun! So why you no enjoy this enjoy game and egnore the ads and locked shops. And rate 5 stars and enjoy the game! Thanks

I love this game but I wish you can add more romantic scenes but aside that it’s perfect

Love the game. The styles are very optional and creative. The reason I give this game a 4 because you can’t pick your prom date.

This game is very nice except when there are dresses locked and make up but I like it very much but what about those adds which come between when I play

The only reason why i gave this app four stars its beacause it takes along long time to load and respond am saying it amaizing but there some problems in it

Wow wow I enjoying this I tell really I love this game and those installed this game I think I can tell all the best for your are installed this game and amazing game but one think do upper this do any thing for this game so nothing problem is there of this game is I enjoy lot of this game and playing three months this game and I installed this before three months ago so its in half of this games rate what I write in the fourth line please do that OK and who are installed this game enjoy lot

It’s nice but it has a lot of ads I am going to rate it a 5 star

I really like this game but why does the spa & hair salon costs real money

I love this game Alot ive been playing for 6 years so far i gave this game 5 stars because its an wonderful game its for all ages young old teenager ANY AGE! By the way i love this game so much From Katrena Qayssar

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